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Dishonored 2 Announced. New playable character!

     All we were given was a rather beautifully rendered trailer, and it has made us quite hungry for more. One of the first things we learn is that we are in a new city: Karnaca, the capital city of Serkonos. We are also informed by the gentlemen presenting that we have two playable characters now; in addition to Corvo, we will also have Emily Kaldwin.

     The trailer greets us with Corvo's mask hauntingly floating in the water shortly before it's foreboding descension into the depths.

     The Outsider gives us clues as to what's going on as we see people being executed. This also gives us our first look at the robotic enemies in this steam-punk or more aptly, "whale-punk" world.

It seems whatever is happening in the city of Karnaca, Dishonored 2's new location, is not overly pleasant. Perhaps a new plague?

It appears that gentleman has become a bit infested.

We are given a look at a new power here as well.

This seems to be at least one of the antagonists of the game. Considering we are looking at an assassin, it's safe to say we will be killing quite a few people here, very likely quite a few automatons along the way too.

They look friendly.

Another look at something new; time is froze with a grenade in the air. That is followed up by a perfectly aimed arrow for that grenade.

After the explosion we have our first good look at our new protagonist's face. The now much older Emily Kaldwin. She and Corvo are both playable.

Emily engages in combat against a very agile automaton.

Another new toy looks to be this mine designed to fight mechanical foes, though I don't foresee any flesh and blood enemies enjoying a shock to the face.

Possibly the most intriguing new power shown was the one shown at the climax of the trailer. We see what may be black smoke forming animalistic feet that carry Emily across a changing room.

To end it with a bang, the smoke changes shape to hoist our bad friend up and kill him with a now blade shaped appendage.

The final image we are left pondering is The Outsider pulling Corvo's mask out of the sand as he tells us that "Its always good to see a familiar face."

Bethesda was nice enough to post the full trailer on their site as well.