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Splatoon: Paint Your Heart Out!

Nintendo has always been a studio hell bent on coming up with creative and clever twists to gaming as well as throwing in it's own unique style and personality. Splatoon is Nintendo's new spin on shooters.  Splatoon is a 3rd person shooter where your ammunition is ink and your character, is a squid.  Think about that for a second, go ahead I'll wait.  Yeah that's what I thought, CRAZY!  Nintendo is just that way though, never wanting to copy or take the easy path, they are out to try something adventurous.

On to the reason I want to talk about Splatoon, I might be reaching here but from what I have heard the shooter genre is pretty cookie cutter nowadays and gamers are clamoring for something innovative and original, or atleast that's what they are claiming perhaps not what they are doing.  Now I will save the arguments about Call of Duty / Battlefield and other yearly UPDATES for another day but I need to point out that these games have been at the center of this…

It's All in the Wording: The Evil Behind the "Evolve" Season Pass

I have been a gamer for almost as long as I can remember. I remember sitting on the living room floor playing an original Pong system with my father and brother. All through my childhood, into my adolescence, and now into my adult life my memories are all positive when it comes to gaming...until recently, but I will get into that in a moment. I have lived in the Golden Age of the gaming industry. I have seen games evolve from black and white to the outstanding high definition graphics we have today. I have lived through the evolution of the technology to wireless controllers and internet connectivity that has brought many of our beloved games that oh-so-powerful online multiplayer. This technology has come at a price, a price that the game developers and game backers have passed on to the consumer. In some ways, the Golden Age of gaming were simpler times. You would pay money for a game...a finished game (another subject for another time) would go home, plug it in, and play it …

Posting of the Future

I gotta say, building something that has a following is amazing. Having a platform where people want to help and support and grow this very network. Astounding. This isn't going to be a long winded, cry out loud moment or article.I just wanted to publically post, to let everyone know. That I'm so proud and honored to have so many hard working and talented writers and soon to be full fledged actors alongside me. Spreading the honest truth and dispelling the myths and injustice of bigger "news" outlets.Thank you to:
TimYou've all helped light the fire that quelled last year and I appreciate all your help in building this into a growing phenom.

The Apex of Console Gaming is Behind Us.

I've been looking back at some gaming magazines from the last 15 years, and after spending some time reflecting on them and the current state of the industry, I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth. Initially I was extremely happy to read through the magazines, aside from enjoying the opportunity to go back and look at how so many iconic titles were viewed through fresh eyes, I was able to look at the optimism so many had for the future of the industry. It is a shame the world that was envisioned is such a far cry from what it has grown into.

For a moment, put yourself in the perspective those people roughly 10 to 15 years ago; everyone was still on the consoles that were made almost just for playing games. People that owned the console weren't buying it because it could stream movies or browse the internet, they were there to play the games before anything else was even a consideration. This was the time when online console gaming was in its infancy, and in order to g…

Just 1 More Topic Episode 86: Westboro V. Leonard Nimoy