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Most Anticipated Games of 2015 for Biffinator87

If I wait any longer to get this list out to you guys I might as well name it Games of 2016!!  This year is already flying by, which after thinking about the games I wanted to put on this list, is a good thing!  2014 had many incredible games get released from Bayonetta 2 to Bravely Default, Rayman Legends, Hearthstone, Infamous Second Son, Diablo III Reaper of Souls Expansion, the list goes on and on!  With so many great games last year 2015 has a very high bar to reach, fortunately, it looks to be shaping up to do just that!  I have compiled a list of the games I am most excited for this year.  This was a tough job as there are many more than five (5) games that I am excited about.  Perhaps an expansion of the list is in order later on in the year!

NUMBER 5: Bloodborne
The developers at From Software have put together an impressive resume over the past few years, Demon Souls and its spiritual successor Dark Souls with its direct sequel Dark Souls 2 are among the greatest and highest …

ScorpiuS41's Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Another year is indeed upon us! The year of 2015 in gaming looks to be quite awesome and I am here to make sure you do not miss out on these five stellar titles in particular.

5.  Bloodborne
Widely known and very popular, developer From Software, is partnering yet again with SCE to bring another punishing game to fans of the Souls games. These are the guys that started it all with Demon Souls. They decided to aesthetically change it up a bit but obviously plan to maintain the brutal difficulty they are so well known for with a slight added boost in faster-action-oriented combat. This time around you will be dying non stop in a supernatural, very dark, wicked world, rather than the more tradition medieval style castle and dragon type setting. For all of these reasons, I am all in on Bloodborne. I believe From Software is prepared to go above and beyond their already incredible pedigree and I am sure they are ready and willing to bring the gaming world to our knees yet again, whether it …

65,000+ & Growing

Just 1 More Level launched 5 years ago and in those 5 years this site has gone from only being written material, to including full featured Facebook, Twitter and YouTube integration. With Twitch and app development still a work in progress.Oh course Jeff, known as Tridrakious round these parts...or Internet hard at work finding the best people to bring on board to help spearhead those works in progress.Yes, we've added a wonderful team for app development on Google Play. More on that very very soon.But the point of this article is to bring to light something amazing. Something that warms the abyss of my heart and tickles the soul. Readership, views, people actually paying attention to this platform has reached 65,000 and growing people.Just 1 More Level is even more of a viable options for gamers out there and I'm so happy and excited to continue pushing forward, finding more new ways to entertain and provide the media you're all looking for.J1MLNet…