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2015 Most Anticipated Games - Tridrakious

As gamers we're set to have one of those monstrous years that happen very occasionally throughout our hobby called gaming and here are my Top 5 Most Anticipated games of 2015.5) Final Fantasy Type 0 HDThis game was on my radar already when it was originally Final Fantasy Agito XIII and was releasing for the PSP. As time went on and FFXIII greatly damaged the Final Fantasy name, Square Enix rebranded Agito XIII into Type 0 and also decided not to bring it out of Japan.Then an HD port for the Vita was announced and hopes were renewed of a western release...still didn't happen...but FINALLY after several years of nothing, we're seeing Type 0 release on the PS4 and Xbox One in March.What actually places this in my Top 5 however...its the Final Fantasy XV demo.4) The Order: 1886Ready at Dawn proved they were very capable of making fantastic games with the stuff they did on PSP with Daxter, God of War: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta and even made the Wii port of Okami.The…

What? It's Evolving!

Just 1 More Level is beginning to evolve! And we're not going to press the B button to stop it. Proudly announcing that every author and admin is transitioning to new accounts that are governed by Google! You're probably wondering what the hell this could possibly do to benefit you all, the readers and watchers out there.It means better communication, better tools for us to bring the best in class articles and entertainment to the people. And sense we're running so much throughout the internet (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Just1MoreLevel and YouTube) we need a better means to communicate than the individual, non connected email account we have been using. Or even texting each other and not having a full synergized approach. Which is going to develop better shows and better articles.So here's to a new year! A new Just 1 More Level