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Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Hopefully this post finds everyone having a great time with family and friends. From everyone here at Just 1 More Level and our partners, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Alrighty Just 1 More Level faithful. We're all deep in the holiday shopping season, games and systems are flying off store shelves left and right. All while retail workers are attempting to stay afloat of the workload being dropped on them. This includes massive sales on all things. Just dealing with the flood of people buying things is stressful, let alone everything else going on at the infinite stores out there.What brings me to this is article is that I even fell into a small buying spree this weekend, namely Friday and soon Tuesday. Target is running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all videos games. So I ended buying Lightning Returns (PS3) Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) and The Wolf Among Us (PS4).Before going to Target to enjoy the sale there, I finally picked up my reserved copy of Freedom Wars for the Vita from Gamestop! The game came out a couple of weeks ago and I had completely forgot about least until I saw it show up on the US Charts over at VGCharts. A Vita game! Actually be…