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The Legend Returns!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review
By: Brad VanCleave
I know I’m almost a year late on reviewing this game.  But it has left such an impression on me that I have no choice but to give my final thoughts on the game.
While I have a few nitpicky things about A Link Between Worlds (ALBW from this point out… It’s a lot to type over and over again don’t judge!!!) these little annoyances  pale in comparison to what ALBW has to offer.
To start things off, the game is full of nostalgia, which is for the most part, a good thing.  The game takes place in the same world that the events from A Link to the Past (ALTTP, last one I promise) took place in.  Dungeons are even located in the same areas so that even more nostalgia is poured on.  Don’t let me fool you; there is still plenty of new content to make this Hyrule feel fresh and distinct.  The nostalgia does a great job of bringing back the glorious memories (for me they were) that came from ALTTP.  The graphics are even designed to …

Vgchartz Sales Update 09-27-14

Global Weekly Chart Week Ending 27th Sep 2014PosGameWeeklyTotalWeek #1 FIFA 15 (PS4)
Electronic Arts, Sports2,201,0942,201,09412 FIFA 15 (PS3)
Electronic Arts, Sports1,255,6951,255,69513 FIFA 15 (X360)
Electronic Arts, Sports833,336833,33614 FIFA 15 (XOne)
Electronic Arts, Sports610,303610,30315 Destiny (PS4)
Activision, Action276,7233,249,50036 Destiny (XOne)
Activision, Action151,7421,763,88537 Hyrule Warriors (WiiU)
Nintendo, Action138,399330,45678 Dairantou Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS)
Nintendo, Fighting116,1571,395,93139 Destiny (X360)
Activision, Action106,644