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Arkanoid: Doh It Again [SNES] - Review

My interest in the Arkanoid series piqued after reading a Retro Gamer article chronicling the series. I’d never played a game in the series, although like most everyone else, had played a game like it. So, when the Oklahoma Video Game Exhibition came around and I found what I believed to be a reasonably-priced complete copy of Arkanoid: Doh It Again, I snagged it. Since then, I’ve played the game a great deal, enough to beat it, even. There were interesting touches to differentiate it from other similar games, although I eventually grew bored of it. The bulk of my time was enjoyable, but the times that weren’t, were tortuous.
The game consisted of 99 rounds with each one featuring a unique arrangement of blocks. Most were easy, usually requiring no more than a handful of attempts. However, there were a few, particularly rounds 95 and 99 that took me upwards of fifty attempts; seriously, like fifty attempts. These were awful and truly tested my determination to see the end. Generally…

Just 1 More Level is Glitched!

The title could be considered a little misleading, no the site isn't experiencing any technical problems...outside of it's owner trying to consistently type out an article...ahem...
Anywho, I wanted to take this time to announce that Just 1 More Level's YouTube channel will begin releasing the episodes of Glitched for everyone, everywhere to watch. Including the excellent teasers that helped hype up what was the most extensive undertaking Double Jump Network had ever worked on. I'm honored in the fact that EyesEpicBlue, the original Blue for any of you new readers/viewers, held onto these wonderful episodes following the closure of Double Jump. And allowing for this web series to continue entertaining new viewers.
Double Jump was the collaborating effort between All Your Base, Just 1 More Level and All Your Show on creating, fostering and supporting local talent/networking. Focused on original content around nerd culture, we built the foundation that Glitched harnessed…