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Pokemon Battle Revolution [Wii] - Review

Having done a little bit of reading on Pokémon Battle Revolution before playing it, I tempered my expectations. Its predecessors, specifically on the GameCube, featured drastic changes to the Pokémon formula, while still maintaining the foundations of what a Pokémon game was. And, Genius Sonority was successful in creating full-fledged console Pokémon games after many years of fans wanting them. This game had none of that ambition. Or at least, none of their ambition went towards a single-player component, which was all I was interested in. Because of this, and because I was such a latecomer, I found the game to be very disappointing. The setting for this game was Poketopia, a theme park of sorts. Instead of a full-fledged story, this game features a set of colosseums. These pit the player against a barrage of opponents, battling in a style unique to the venue. Each colosseum featured a unique rule set, although many were very similar. The rule sets affected the progression structure a…

JohnTheGamer and Tridrakious Play Street Racer and Super Bust-a-Move

As the title suggests JohnTheGamer, courtesy of and Tridrakious play two video games! They're both... decent. The first is Street Racer for the PlayStation, a Mario Kart clone. The second is Super Bust-a-Move for the PlayStation 2. Be wary of the noises when we switch games.

A Cosplayers best friend. A pre TNT Interview with Prop Maker Ryan Barnett.

The Weekly Slice Interviews, above, below, and abound. By Meatloaf

So, here I am taking a little time off from writing; playing games down at PJ Gamers in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma when I am approached by our Internet savior...and coincidently my boss Tridrakious.He was on a warpath; destroying Sam Fisher on Payday, killing characters in his Tuesday D&D group, throwing puppies from a god it was scary.Anyway, he was ranting that needed new content and that my yearly vacation had just been revoked and all my pay was now being docked if I did not get my ass in gear.As many of you readers may very well know it is Convention season and I was planning on attending Tokyo in Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma.So I had the greatest idea…why not combine the two; Tokyo in Tulsa, and’s very own “Weekly Slice”.It was like someone had just handed me an epic quest on my favorite RPG, so I shook hands with Tridrakious as a sweet metal chorus built up in the backgr…

A Look Back at Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event

With E3 wrapped up and becoming a memory (almost a month ago already!!) it is time to break down the pros and cons of what we saw.  After watching every press conference I decided that the Nintendo event was the one I liked the most and therefore will be discussing it.  This will be just a brief analysis of what I took away from the Digital Event and how I felt about Nintendo’s approach to this year’s E3.
     For starters I wanted to explain why I chose Nintendo’s event.  After watching everything that went down on Monday I was left feeling unsatisfied.  It seemed that each conference was the same old stuff.  There were a few cool new games / sequels but mainly it was standard fair: Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Battlefield, some dancing game etc.  It might be exciting to some people to see the next update in these games but I wanted something different.  I don’t want to sound like I hate this, I play Assassin’s Creed and Battlefield every now and then and enjoy them; however…