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Pokemon: A Grand Ambition, Update 3 - Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, My Pokemon Ranch, and Pokemon Platinum

I swear, I’m so bad about keeping the internet updated on my Pokémon goings-on! How does anyone manage to go on with their day-to-day life, not knowing what I’m doing in the Pokémon video games? Serious kudos’ are in order for all who’ve had to suffer these past three (!) months without a grand ambition update. It’d help me out if I update more frequently, I mean, look at that title! I’ve got a lot to discuss so I’ll get down to it. Okay, the first major happening since I last wrote about my grand ambition was my completion of Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. I completed it to the moon and back! Nearly, that is. I was able to snag and extract every available shadow Pokémon, caught most of the limited wild Pokémon, and obtained every in-game trade Pokémon – which included a Shuckle! Honestly, the only thing that I didn’t do was complete the Orre Colosseum. It hosted a difficult series of trainers that wasn’t unavailable until after completing the game. I participated in the first round s…

Auto Modellista [GameCube] - Review

Being an avid fan of Nintendo, especially during the GameCube years, I was turned on to cel-shaded games via The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Since then, I’ve had a fondness for the cartoony graphical style used in games as far-ranging as cartoon tie-ins and the uber-violent affairs of Suda51. Auto Modellista was an arcade-style racing game from the time period that I also had a fondness for, primarily because of its art style. Underneath however, was an informative racing game that enabled me to understand crucial racing concepts.
Auto Modellista originally appeared on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Developed by Capcom Production Studio 1, the game was part of an initiative to support the PlayStation 2’s online capabilities. The other games from this group (Resident Evil: Outbreak and Monster Hunter) outperformed it, and is perhaps why this game was later ported to the GameCube and Xbox. The GameCube was the only version to lack online play, which it might as well now. Despite it in…

JohnTheGamer Plays Auto Modellista - Part 4/4

JohnTheGamer Plays Auto Modellista - Part 3/4

JohnTheGamer Plays Auto Modellista - Part 2/4

J1ML Network

Following this link here will grant you access to a growing network of videos.Created by gamers, for gamers. Using whatever tech we can get our hands on. And developing shows and memories that hopefully last a lifetime.Which is I'm happy to announced that Friday begins the filming of a brand new show that will air on J1ML. Led by the twice and only MeatLoaf, you know him from The Weekly Slice and this new show will be a complement to that greatly.I'm continuing to foster and build a film team that will be ready to tackle various show concepts from a sitcom styled show to a newscasting show. As we continue to expand and branch out into new avenues. And, of course using PJ Gamers as the focal point of every meet up; in addition to also being the location for a couple of the new shows. As it is a central location for all things gaming.
Just 1 More Level is also looking for people that have a hand in acting and film/directorial positions. Plus equipment is very crucial to the work,…

ScorpiuS41's E3 2014 Wish List

E3 2014 is upon us!!  The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a time for all of us to rejoice, as we get the chance every year for our eyes to light up and catch a glimpse of the future.  I have been following E3 for years and a ton of things have evolved, some things for the better, some for the worse.  Regardless, year after year, anticipation and excitement consume us, as we prepare ourselves and celebrate any and all things within the world of video games.  Here is a list of games and announcements I am really hoping to see this year.

The Last Guardian
I'm starting this list with the game I have been wanting for what seams like forever.  It's been many E3's since we were first teased with the sight of the massive cat-like dragon eagle creature bonding with a young boy, traversing a world full of mystery.  This E3 is where I draw the line in the sand for The Last Guardian.  Fumito Ueda captured my heart with ICO and Shadow of the Colossus because of how well they pull the p…

Biffinator's E3 wish list

Anyone who describes themselves as a gamer know how big E3 is. It's that time of year where even the craziest and most unlikely announcements feel possible; the Christmas of the gaming industry so to speak. That being said I am no stranger to having my own set of games I desire to see revealed. As with any avid gamer I have a wish list of what I hope to see at E3, and I thought I'd share mine with everyone.  Remember, until E3 2014 is officially over we can treat these games as possibilities; no matter how unlikely they seem.  Below are the games I am hoping to see at this year’s Electronics Expo.
Banjo-Kazooie 3
     Banjo and Kazooie were top dogs in the N64 era.  The series brought so much fun, clever, quirky gameplay to the system.  All I could think after beating both games 100% was “I want more”.  I never would have imagined what was to come.  After bearing (pun not intended) the heartbreak of playing through Nuts & Bolts all I could think was “why, why did this h…