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New and Stuff

For those who watch Just 1 More Topic would know that the growing staff of Just 1 More Level is hard at work on numerous projects. Such as the business show (which is nearing completion and will be added together with Topic on a near weekly release schedule).

What I'm here to talk about is a slight return to form for a few members of this staff to the internet platform for original shows in the entertainment sense. A previous show that I acted/wrote/created was Glitched. A great show with a wonderful concept. Building a network. It fit perfectly with what we were attempting to do many months ago. With the experience and know how, I branched into bringing that same fire and flare to Just 1 More Level.

And damn has it been a wild and stressful ride.

However I feel everything is beginning to pay off. I'm not one to just throw something together. I want there to be actual work done to it. I want it to feel complete, to be a full package. And we are definitely at the point where hard work is beginning to show the bright light at the end.


The new show I'm creating alongside some familiar faces and some new ones, appear to have a drive to create something that has impact, something where people come to the J1ML Network to watch or even pick up an article to see what is going on.

My best friend has joined the site for to extend his reach with a wider audience, but to also help bring written content to the front again. With everything I'm doing, it's been hard to sit down and type. And even though I'm busy, I'm no where near as busy as I want to be. But with his help and the release of the Topic every week, I'm going to attempt to get a new article out by me each week.

So stay tuned to the site and the YouTube channel for more information about all things Just 1 More Level.