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Just 1 More Level Network!

Alright. So a new initiative is live. I'm proud to announce that we here at Just 1 More Level have begun a new network.

Using the official J1ML Network as a base. We will have content ranging from the Just 1 More Topics as well as new shows that focus on the business of gaming and the companies that make up the industry.

We will also aim to entertain through new original content. Some you've seen pop up from All Your Show and Double Jump, some from the Just 1 More Topic series, but also fresh faces that we reached out to for their brilliance in various other avenues of gaming, videos, community and business building.

J1ML is the umbrella to strengthen the internal ambitions and create an everlasting legacy of entertainment. Whether it be a topical series or a full blown sitcom focused on gamers.

I will post more very soon. Taborius and myself will have a Topic solely on this matter. I'm excited and you should be too. The future is now and there is room for everyone on this ride.

(Also posted on the official Facebook page)