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Pokemon! Gotta Catch Just 1 More!

Does it feel like time just flies by? Can not believe it has already been a week since the last article that got posted. Good grief. Well....I know what I will talk about.

POKEMON! It's not like everyone else is around the interwebs are discussing this game. Flew under the radar it did. So I will bring light to it for you, my wonderful readers that for some reason keep coming back.

I picked up Pokemon Y and set out on my journey to become the world's greatest pokemon trainer the Kalos region has ever seen. I picked my usual fire pokemon, Fennekin (don't know if I'm spelling that right and too lazy and tired to check) and was on my way.

At least I was.

Until a friend of mine wanted to get all the starters, plus the originals. So we would trade, I would get my Charmander and he would reset. Did this for roughly 4 hours to get the 2 fire starters, 2 water and 2 grass. Then...then I was on my way to glory.

But my glory is still being made. I've fallen quite a ways behind all my friends that are also playing, because I'm just so busy. Working my ass off to establish myself as a go to guy for business and marketing and advertising. And stuff of that nature.

Still developing my 6 poke team. Charizard is in, Honedge will likely stay. But I'm not sure what else to put in my team. Axew will most likely stay as he evolves, but not sure who else. Post your 6 poke team in the comments or even the ones that you think a great to have.