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PS4 Launch Event

Going to get the news out now that the road to the next gen is closing to it's end.I will be on site at PJ Gamers with my pre ordered PlayStation 4. Likely with games like Knack and KillZone Shadow Fall in tow.The store I pre ordered from won't be doing a mid night launch, but that's okay. I'll be there when they open, will get my system, head straight for PJ Gamers, and get everything setup. Day 1 patches nd everything done. While this is going on, an unboxing video will take place that will be aired on Double Jump Network's YouTube channel.November 15th, 9ish in the morning at PJ Gamers out at 101st and Elm in the Northeast corner of the shopping center.

Pokemon! Gotta Catch Just 1 More!

Does it feel like time just flies by? Can not believe it has already been a week since the last article that got posted. Good grief. Well....I know what I will talk about.POKEMON! It's not like everyone else is around the interwebs are discussing this game. Flew under the radar it did. So I will bring light to it for you, my wonderful readers that for some reason keep coming back.I picked up Pokemon Y and set out on my journey to become the world's greatest pokemon trainer the Kalos region has ever seen. I picked my usual fire pokemon, Fennekin (don't know if I'm spelling that right and too lazy and tired to check) and was on my way.At least I was.Until a friend of mine wanted to get all the starters, plus the originals. So we would trade, I would get my Charmander and he would reset. Did this for roughly 4 hours to get the 2 fire starters, 2 water and 2 grass. Then...then I was on my way to glory.But my glory is still being made. I've fallen quite a ways behind al…

Dreams and Ambitious People

Here's a little story. Hope you're ready, because here I go.Just 1 More Level was created for the sole purpose of providing a platform to voice my thoughts and opinions on the video game industry. Kinda like a soap box, but wanting to talk about everything gaming related, not just ranting about the bad ole negative stuff. And that has been wonderful to say the least. I've built up a solid following through all the different areas I'm populating (facebook, twitter, youtube and here obviously). The greatest thing about the site is that over time it has turned into so much more than just a place for me to write about my experiences or opinions or thoughts. It turned into a place where others can voice their opinions, show the world a side of them that they might not have been given the chance to do otherwise.From bringing on new freelance writers to developing a decent web series with Just 1 More Topic I feel like the site has never been stronger. I'm 24 and I'm p…

Writing, Writing and More Writing

The retro styled look of Just 1 More Level is going away. I know, sad faces all around, honestly I preferred the modernized version that the site had a month ago. It was clean and crisp and just nice to look at. While the "retro" style was brought in to serve a purpose, I feel the change was un needed. Clarity on my part of what all the site can do is needed more. So starting tomorrow the modern look is back.I'm also re-opening the cross writer promotion that worked so well in the past. Writers like Gambit and Barron brought their writing excellence to Just 1 More Level. Something that I want to bring back in full force. There is more to it that I'm excited to announce in the near future. All in an effort to bring out an article everyday.Post your comments below.