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Video Games As Profit

There is no doubt that video games have something that other mediums don't quite have. After seeing the generation after generation go by and new consoles and pc hardware come through to game on, it makes me wonder if what this hobby or past time is really worth it. You buy a new game for $60. Go home and play for a while, possibly beat it, but then you turn around and try to get as much of your money back as possible.

In most case games lose the majority of their value 3 months post release. It goes with the territory though. When something releases, that's when it's most popular. However, there are a few games that see tremendous increases in value. Much in large thanks to sites like eBay, just take a look at this auction for Naughty Dog's Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us. This version of the game was a pre-order only product through GameStop. Retail price? $170. Geez. There are other games that see similar phenomena. Which I think I'm going to turn this into an ongoing article series.

For those who followed the link, let me know what you think in the comments below.