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The Update Post

Welcome to the new look of Just 1 More Level. Was hoping to have a sooner article to mention that in more detail, but shit happens and work just gets piled on. What I was aiming for with the look was to simplify the overall blog by eliminating the clutter so readers can focus on the content.

So far the response has been nice; views are already increasing and feedback has been on the positive side. Even with the changes fresh, feel free to provide more suggestions and ideas to help everyone here improve in ways that matter most to you, the readers and fans.

One of the major aspects of the change came from the fact that so much was hidden in toolbars that hardly ever got used. Such as subscribing or the Google Plus integration tools that went into effect over 7 months ago. Plus I'm aiming for videos to be much more responsive. Since that has become such a primary piece of content for J1ML.

Soon I'll be sitting down with an artistic friend of mine to discuss first ever, new avenues for J1ML to spread the word. From business cards, to banners to t-shirts and more. "Happy" doesn't even begin to describe how ecstatic I am with real expansion.

The E3 coverage we had still ranks at the top of our most viewed videos and has drummed up real excitement over what we're doing. We've also been going step by step with tbe awesome people at PJ Gamers in Broken Arrow as they near their highly anticipated launch. All Your Base is getting busier and busier in the build up to the holiday season; the overall store service satisfaction doesn't hurt either. My best friend and the guy i can call the closest thing to a brother to me, John for motivating me and not allowing negative thoughts to cloud my judgement. All Your Show and the newly minted Double Jump. Sigh. And so much more. Just 1 More Level is truly growing so fast and it just makes me so proud. Brings a tear to my eyes.

A year ago I was trying to find out how to grasp out, how to build up a meaningful following of gamers. Fast forward a year and 20,000 views later...I'm trying to keep up with the growing demand for more content. I'm in a great place right now and Just 1 More Level has never been stronger.