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Just 1 More Topic Episode 30 - Viewers Topics!

We want to thank everyone that sent in topics and questions regarding the video game industry and giving us a fairly easy week in topics. Many a topic was discussed and hope you all enjoy our opinions. Such a great feeling to know we've got fans that care enough to be reactive and engaged with us.

For more feedback on what you thought of this episode feel free to email us at

Sony Gamescom 2013

For those watching around the world earlier today saw Sony stand and deliver another solid conference. While it might not carry the same weight as E3's conference did, there is no doubt Sony landed a few more haymakers on their competition.

Here is a breakdown of the Top 3 announcements from said conference. In descending order.

3. PlayStation Vita Price Cut

I'm not one of those people that complained the Vita was too expensive. It was perfectly fine at the $249 price tag (not even discussing the rip off that is the 3G model formerly priced at $299). Lack of retail buzz became the problem and the stigma surrounding the platform as "dead". Which, in many ways, it was dead. Working at GameStop and right now in the Electronics department of a Target has allowed me to see where people's interests are and what they think about with their purchases. With that consumer knowledge mixed with my gaming and business knowledge, the easiest way to make short term waves is wit…

PlayStation Vita Gets a Price Cut

Just a quick blurb while on lunch at work. SONY is slaying again, countless new games and services announced for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.However, one of the biggest news pieces is a price cut to the PlayStation Vita. Bringing the system to $199 and even the memory cards will see a significant price cut.Just 1 More Topic will cover all the details later today...or will try to cover everything.Source:

The Update Post

Welcome to the new look of Just 1 More Level. Was hoping to have a sooner article to mention that in more detail, but shit happens and work just gets piled on. What I was aiming for with the look was to simplify the overall blog by eliminating the clutter so readers can focus on the content.So far the response has been nice; views are already increasing and feedback has been on the positive side. Even with the changes fresh, feel free to provide more suggestions and ideas to help everyone here improve in ways that matter most to you, the readers and fans.One of the major aspects of the change came from the fact that so much was hidden in toolbars that hardly ever got used. Such as subscribing or the Google Plus integration tools that went into effect over 7 months ago. Plus I'm aiming for videos to be much more responsive. Since that has become such a primary piece of content for J1ML.Soon I'll be sitting down with an artistic friend of mine to discuss first ever, new avenues …

What's Old Is New

Well here I sit, returning to the laptop for Just 1 More Level purposes. Every video upload to the site has been done from a laptop, however, if there wasn't was written and published from my Galaxy Note 2. An awesome phablet that I purchased back in Februach (February and March rolled into one...because I don't actually remember when I got it. Other than in 2013 and after January and most likely before April).

Now you might be asking yourself a simple question. Which would be "WOW YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB USING A PHONE TO POST STELLAR CONTENT TO JUST 1 MORE LEVEL!" Unfortunately I would have to be a dick and say "That's not a question at all, that's a statement...I believe. Grammar is but isn't MA THANG! So anyway, the reason I'm typing this up and will get published is simple. As great as the mobile blogger app is to bring content to J1ML on the go....that's really all it is. Trying to get the mobile app to handle like the full on …

Video Games As Profit

There is no doubt that video games have something that other mediums don't quite have. After seeing the generation after generation go by and new consoles and pc hardware come through to game on, it makes me wonder if what this hobby or past time is really worth it. You buy a new game for $60. Go home and play for a while, possibly beat it, but then you turn around and try to get as much of your money back as possible.In most case games lose the majority of their value 3 months post release. It goes with the territory though. When something releases, that's when it's most popular. However, there are a few games that see tremendous increases in value. Much in large thanks to sites like eBay, just take a look at this auction for Naughty Dog's Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us. This version of the game was a pre-order only product through GameStop. Retail price? $170. Geez. There are other games that see similar phenomena. Which I think I'm going to turn this in…

Amazon Powered!

Today I'm proud to announce the return of the highly successful store front. Fast and easy access to all games as they are provided through the toolbar above you'll find the store or you can follow the link here. Now you have instant access to the games and features that are talked about on the wide spread Just 1 More Level network.Provide comments below.