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A Legend To Never Be Forgotten - Ryan Davis

The industry as a whole lost a very important and integral part of itself today. Ryan Davis (Gamespot and most notably the powerhouse known as Giantbomb) died today at age 34. I didn't know him personally, but he has played a critical role in how I think the video game industry's journalism should be held. The standards this man brought to the table were unmatched.

From what I've seen and heard from others, Ryan Davis always had a smile on his face and apparently no one could ever stay or even get mad at the guy.

He's influenced so many bloggers and games journalists the world over. Never allowing corporate bs to run rampant. Always enjoying what he did. And it showed, the Giant Bombcast didn't become the most successful podcast because the people hated what they did.

In several ways he is very much what I aspire to be. Someone who leaves behind a legacy that is without question. Something that people look at and say "it was great because he never gave up and had fun doing it".'s a sad day. Such a surprising day as well. I didn't keep up with Giantbomb as closely as my friend John did. We both helped with the beta, saw the launch of the site and then witnessed the ripple effect as every gaming focused site changed to match what they were doing.

Ryan will be missed.

Rest In Peace.