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The Last of Us Review

The Last of Us. Such a phenomenal game and one that has countless publications in love with it. Racking up quite a nice list of awards in the process on top of commercial success (TLoU has sold 3.7 million units in it's first three weeks). A brand new ip, that's also a console exclusive, in addition to releasing in the summer doldrums...and the week of E3. Yeah, I say there has been a volcanic explosion of hype surrounding this title.

Now an issue I've had with writing this review (aside from making time to actually write...) dwelt directly with how I wanted to present this game. Do I lead in with a build up of the title? Should I discuss the balls of Sony/Naughty Dog to put Uncharted on the back burner and focus on this brand new ip? What should I do? My conclusion? Just talk about the game.

Diving into the post-pandemic world of Joel, a man that loses everything in the first 30 minutes of the game as you move passed the title screen. The world falls to hell and it falls…

PJ Gamers Update

Today when I get off work, I'll be heading over to the spot for PJ Gamers. This marks a huge moment in the life of this lan center as today is Painting Day! That's right readers. PJ Gamers is closer to opening their doors.Just can't wait for work to be over. As I type this I'm struggling to get to sleep before the day even starts. Mainly because this week wasn't far from being one of the worst I've had...if not the worst.But with that being said we've got the final pillar of Double Jump closing in on launch day. Stay here for more updates about Oklahoma's first Lan Center.

A Legend To Never Be Forgotten - Ryan Davis

The industry as a whole lost a very important and integral part of itself today. Ryan Davis (Gamespot and most notably the powerhouse known as Giantbomb) died today at age 34. I didn't know him personally, but he has played a critical role in how I think the video game industry's journalism should be held. The standards this man brought to the table were unmatched.From what I've seen and heard from others, Ryan Davis always had a smile on his face and apparently no one could ever stay or even get mad at the guy.He's influenced so many bloggers and games journalists the world over. Never allowing corporate bs to run rampant. Always enjoying what he did. And it showed, the Giant Bombcast didn't become the most successful podcast because the people hated what they did.In several ways he is very much what I aspire to be. Someone who leaves behind a legacy that is without question. Something that people look at and say "it was great because he never gave up and had…