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The Last of Us Demo Impressions

Okay, Naughty Dog has been my one of my favorite developers for fifteen years (back when they were making Crash Bandicoot). This admiration for their work only strenghtened and placed them firmly at the top of my list when Uncharted came barreling out of the chamber. It was more realistic, but every member of the cast carried such an incredible sense of evolution in so many aspects; that Nathan Drake and company didn't feel generic or the same as all the other action/adventure characters out there.

One thing that all these titles had in common pertained to be the sense of humor and fairly light hearted-ness of the environment/scenes they were in. Yes, Nathan Drake kills people instead of machines or evil animals (Crash had some issues with other animals) features real guns. However, The Last of Us is pure intensity.

From what I found in the demo, Naughty Dog wants to support different play styles. Whether you want to run up and be aggressive with melee skills or keep your distance while shooting. The Last of Us allowed me to switch between both of those in addition to providing stealth attacks/kills. I've gone through various times just to see what I could do and was happy to learn I didn't have to do something a specific way (which was the case quite often in previous ND games)

The infected (the game's "zombies") have over run the world (?) and everything turns into a survival mission. Players taken on the role of Joel, a mercenary type character that was born before the outbreak and has been tasked with getting Ellie (the girl featured in the demo and box art)...somewhere...that is obviously not discussed in the 30-minute demo, but the city they travel through reminded me of Will Smith's "I Am Legend".

Such an eerie environment to say the least. Defined by the sounds of "clicking" from the infected who see based on sound. So think of a bat recognizes where things are. On my first playthrough I peppered an infected in the torso like 8 or 9 times (using up almost every bullet I had) and the damn infected human got back up, attacked me and before I knew what to do...bit a chunk out of my neck.

When you are grabbed by one of these infected, the screen shakes to simulate the intensity of having one of these monstrosities getting all up and personal with the player character. Add to that, the fact you have about 2 to 3 seconds to react before it's game over and intense might be an understatement.

The final room has roughly 4 people in it. Okay, not "people" people, 3 appear to be recently infected with the fungus and the last one is full on infected. Probably by years...not really sure how the timeline works in the game. But the last one is fully covered in the fungus.

Items and weapons can be made, parts are found throughout the game to either build or make these items or weapons. Or you can upgrade whatever you have on you with the parts found. So its nice to see this level of customizable options.

I've noticed the world reacts to what I did. While walking through water I had things move based on thr ripples I created by walking. If I was close enough to something, if would react to me be there if I was in its path. The detailed placed in The Last of Us demo was amazing and excites me even more for the full game. The amount of detail goes towards light coming from my flashlight as well. Dark rooms are illuminated realistically based on the surfaces I point the light at. I'm very impressed with this game. If the game itself has this level of attention to detail for the entire game...oh holy crap. It could be my favorite game, not of just this generation. But ever.

Score: 10/10