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Sequel Surprises

As if the original version of a game wasn't enough, a sequel can bring even more delight and excitement (or terror and dismay if it's a dud or a lie...Fable series I'm looking at you!). Each successful sequel brings more and more to the table, as well as solidifying a fan base. Yet, not everyone is able to enjoy these spoils or glory and grandeur, but sometimes not only does a great sequel emerge but a great opportunity arises. Leaping from one system to multiple platforms.

In the recent weeks, a few titles have fallen into this category, correcting their selfish sojourns. Specifically, Sanctum 2, Payday 2, and Diablo 3 (we all know how much I just loooove Diablo). Ironically, each game includes RPG elements, team work, and extreme replay value. However, each game brings its own spark and touch.

Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the hit FPS Tower Defense game on PC. I owned and played the first one quite a bit, seeing as it's a mix of two of my favorite genres. Build your walls, set up your turrets, upgrade your own weapons, and defend against wave after wave with your teammates. Sanctum brought a fresh breath to both genres as well as allowed for some unique storytelling and science fiction absurdity (such as shooting down Santa Clause as a bonus during the winter level). I was saddened though that this game was not on console, it fit right in with the controls and community. And so, it came to be! With Sanctum 2, console players were blessed with the newest version of the hit game. Yet, as happy as I was, I was a tad disappointed. The sequel backed away from using towers and focused more on the players and their abilities turning each person into a walking turret. Not bad just new, and I have adjusted and enjoyed. The only real sad moment was when I realized the Microsoft Sam was not in the console version....probably for the best. I can only imagine getting told "You're a noob" and "Your mom has great tower defense!" Yeah, not a total loss. All in all, a sound port and a welcome sequel. If you are a tower defense fan then I highly suggest you try this.

Payday 2! The game of robbing banks and pulling off the grandest heists...WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  The first Payday was originally limited to PC (And PS3 but we don't consider them a gaming console). Now, with the sequel approaching, a pleasant surprise awaits all you console gamers. Payday 2 is coming to YOU! The major changes include a stealth angle, class specific gameplay, new enemies and encounters, and hours of replayability. How awesome is this game? The original version included a replica level of Mercy Hospital, including a cameo by Bill and an ending that incriminates you as the culprits behind the outbreak! An amazing crossover that spawned one of my favorite levels in that game. Not impressed enough? The hidden vault challenge (that only sadomasochists and  achievement hunters attempt) takes a minimum of four hours...yes...real time. Talk about a challenge. So, if you enjoy teamwork, class-based combat, and epic challenges then League of Legends is not for you....But Payday 2 is!

Diablo 3..."Nuff said! Who wouldn't want this masterpiece on console!? The best of the best comes full circle with a version of Diablo once again gracing the console world (the original Diablo was released on Playstation and was co-op same screen). Choose your character, group up, and slaughter your way through loot and levels! Same box co-op, being able to play offline, AND no auction house. Already the console version has great appeal...however, it may also be a slap in the face of all the original fans and purchasers of DIablo 3 on PC. Yes, you changed the things that annoyed PC players, whom payed for the game, but you didn't change it FOR the PC players. I have no doubt this game will do very well on consoles but I do doubt the amount thought given to players of Diablo as whole. Blizzard, you may have just shot yourself in the foot on this one. You better hope if does well on console because you may see a fallout in the PC division...not me of course. I'm like a low level enemy that always attacks the matter his level or gear.

Once again, I am sure I have bored yet somehow amused you with this rant but it's your own fault for reading it! So, it just goes to show that great games can eventually be available for all, it just may not be what you wanted. Well, in any case, take only this tidbit of knowledge with you...The game hates you!

Signing off,