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Buying Spree!

So Vintage Stock was having their Easter Sale, buy 2 get 1 free and I went to all (minus one) of the local locations with my great friend John.The games I bought are:- Dark Cloud (PS2)- MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf (Xbox)- Wild Arms 4 (PS2)- Samurai Legend Musashi (PS2)- Baroque (Wii)- Trace Memory (DS)- Shiren: The Wanderer (Wii)- Eat Lead (PS3)- Tales of Legendia (PS2)- Star Wars Knights kf the Old Republic (Xbox)- Solar Eclipse (Saturn)- Machine Head (Saturn)

Just 1 More Topic Episode 16 - Let's Get Personal

All Your Show, All Your Base and Just 1 More Level has several aspects that go into them. Trying to find time is only a fraction of what we go through to get this network going. So let us know what you think of the episode in the comments below.

In a Breath...Mobile

Right now I'm waiting on my car's oil change. Which has taken a long time, but I'm hungry. Listening to Fox News on the topic of Obama's economic plans will "lead the USA into the same problems facing the EU right now".Ugh.Politics...there is discussion by their "reporters" that Leno is being forced out because he is "too conservative". Has nothing to do with that fact that NBC sees the 15 million views that Jimmy Fallon gets on average through YouTube...which is 5x the size if Leno's viewer base.Anyway, back to the games. I'm still grinding away at the God of War Ascension review, filmed Crysis 3's AYS review this past Saturday, converting Ni No Kuni, DMC, and Metal Gear Rising over to the J1ML scale. So stay tuned for all that

Just 1 More Topic Episode EMERGENCY!

Alright we're here to talk about the mess that has come up around the American government wanting to regulate video game industry over the violence that "causes" people to become serial killers. Yay! Past times! So just a little emergency episode of the show. Just 1 More Topic episode 15.

All Your Base

Crazy, Crazy Week

I'm gearing up to film Just 1 More Topic today. It's an emergency episode that is focused on the talk of renewing the violent video game regulation policies that were thrown out last year. Also working on reviews for several games. Like converting Ni No Kuni over to Just1MoreLevel, God of War Ascension, PlayStation All Stars (haven't forgot about that one) and ready to assist in the Gears of War Judgement review.Plus I'm developing a new show alongside AllYourShow and even launching a new podcast called Pixel with my great friend from MyBrainonGames John. It will be focused on the games we pick out of our collections and play alongside each other. The inaugural game? Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for the GameBoy Advance. Both being played on 3DS, but mine is digital.


Just 1 More Topic Episode 14 - All Things God of War! *UPDATED*

The mobile upload wouldn't allow me to embed the video. Just had time to do that. Sorry for the inconvenience of the previous set up.

Prepping for God of War Ascension

Alright, so I'm waiting on GameStop to open so I can pick up the newest installment in Kratos' stress relieving slaughter-fest. There is also a slight change in Just 1 More Topic that is being kicked around.As you all know by now, Just1MoreLevel and All Your Show are developing a network centered around gaming. Built for media and entertainment in a way unlike anything before. Long time, personal experience being a gamer, but also having the minds of several different personalities coming together for the common good.With that being said...there's a lot of trial and error that goes into this. We're experimenting with a multitude of content as I type this. So be looking for new stuff coming soon.In the mean time, Just 1 More Topic is also experimenting with schedules, discussions and how to keep pressing the right buttons. As for this weeks J1MT episode, it'll be Taborius and myself talking about God of War Ascension and the impact it's made on the industry, but…

The New Guy

Hello everyone! They call me Rawrbagels(real name Michael Morris) and I will be the newest addition to the Just One More Level review team. This post is just to give you quick perspective on me and my gaming background.Well im 23 and have playing games since I was probably 5 or at least since I can pretty much remember. Ive owned Atari, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Xbox 360. As well as being a big computer gaming guy. So even though I dont always cover the board ive played at least parts of most to all major series in gaming and if you think I have not played one you consider major lemme know and ill check it out! That being said Iike to think I am as qualified as most to do some game reviews and at least express my opinion on said games.Real quick I will let you know my favorite game ever and how I plan on reviewing games in the future. My favorite game of all time is Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I personally believ…

In A Breath...Rising, Ascension

Alright, here is a quick rundown of what I'm doing. Reviews for Metal Gear Rising, prepping for God of War: Ascension (Tuesday can't get here soon enough) and I've assisted in script/reviews for Tomb Raider, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Omerta: City of Gangsters and will be doing the same for Gears of War: Judgement and BioShock Infinite.Outside of that I'm learning more of the Admin tools at my disposal for the blogger toolkit. Since there are new writers for the site and they can't post due to problems with something...somewhere...but I'm on it. Getting the feedback from one of the new guys and hoping to fix it soon.Other than that I've filed my tax returned, worked several hours of overtime in the recent weeks, been working on Just 1 More Topic, trying to establish a routine for In the Mind of Tri and also dealing with selling my Eclipse. And work out. And write a new original story. And find time to hang out with friends. Oh and launch a new show with a go…

AYS Tech Review: Gunnar Gaming Glasses

A first for the show, Blue sits down (literally) and reviews Gunnar Gaming Glasses. Do they work? Are they just full of PR talking points? Find out when you watch the review!


Just 1 More Topic Episode 13 - Freemium Chit Chat

A little late getting this one up, but at least it was live on the official Just 1 More Level channel! RawrBagels joins the panel in episode 13 to discuss all things free in the world of gaming. Is League of Legends the devil in deguise? Or is it just a working model to get people to play a game that might not have been supported if money was needed to be spent up front? Find out in Just 1 More Topic Episode 13!


Just 1 More Topic Episode 12 - All Your Show Invades!!!

This episode is very late. Filmed last Thursday and was suppose to go up on Friday...but things happen and this is a much higher quality episode of Just 1 More Topic. So there is that, thanks goes out to EyesEpicBlue for allowing us to use the recording equipment of Epirus Films (his Oklahoma based film company). He also handled the camera work and ran sound for us. Such an awesome guy.

In episode 12 Taborius and myself are invaded from All Your Show, PharaohWizard16 and TheImmortalMoo sit in to discuss the importance of Used Games sales and do they really have an impact on the industry as a whole. Could GameStop truly be at fault or are the companies complaining about the Pre-Owned market doing just that...complaining? Watch and find out.

Episode 13 will also be going live today, so there is so much J1MT goodness in the world on this busy Monday.


Just 1 More Topic Episode 11 - Next Xbox Strategy

A little late coming to the site, but here is Episode 11!

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AYS Review: Ni No Kuni

Since All Your Show and Just1MoreLevel are so connected these days, Just 1 More Level Presents just doesn't quite fit the bill for AYS videos anymore. So that leaves room for other videos to become featured on Just1MoreLevel. YAY! More content and material! Awesome with a side of sauce!

The official J1ML review will be up soon on this title as well. So double the goodness and double the satisfaction! Lots of yelling in this post. Anyway, I wrote the script/review for All Your Show with wondrous assistance from Taborius from All Your Base.

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