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Just 1 More Level Fury: Craziness Erupted

Well as you all know PlayStation 4 was announced last week. In my own words I have stated that it was a solid conference that delivered on many fronts. While also keeping people guessing as we get closer to E3. Just1MoreLevel and All Your Show now have a template for future event weeks and hopefully it is a smoother ride than what we faced last week.

It was fun stepping more into the "media" role than ever before. And I look forward to the Microsoft event in April. Let's face it, Microsoft now needs to begin talking about their wonder machine. Sony said alot, without firing too much ammunition. Now we will have to see if Microsoft comes out full force or decides to hold some back for E3.

I'll admit that a few things didn't impress me at Sony's conference. The new IPs that were rolled out...didn't quite excite me. Microsoft will have to rely very heavily on new IP since it is too soon for Halo 5 and Gears of War has Judgement hitting the 360 in March. Thrre could be a true Fable game...but that really is it. Forza also just had an installment hit in October. (Which means Microsoft should have mopped the floor with Sony last holiday and they just barely beat them...hmmm). It is true that Microsoft could pull out an Alan Wake 2. Very possible, but considering how the first one sold, or didn't sell...I don't think it would be a good fit for hyping up as a franchise worth showing off at the unveil.

If Call of Duty is used as a "selling point" though. I will be pissed and Microsoft will have lost it for my attention...and money.