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Just 1 More Level Fury: Craziness Erupted

Well as you all know PlayStation 4 was announced last week. In my own words I have stated that it was a solid conference that delivered on many fronts. While also keeping people guessing as we get closer to E3. Just1MoreLevel and All Your Show now have a template for future event weeks and hopefully it is a smoother ride than what we faced last week.It was fun stepping more into the "media" role than ever before. And I look forward to the Microsoft event in April. Let's face it, Microsoft now needs to begin talking about their wonder machine. Sony said alot, without firing too much ammunition. Now we will have to see if Microsoft comes out full force or decides to hold some back for E3.I'll admit that a few things didn't impress me at Sony's conference. The new IPs that were rolled out...didn't quite excite me. Microsoft will have to rely very heavily on new IP since it is too soon for Halo 5 and Gears of War has Judgement hitting the 360 in March. Thrre …

Just 1 More Topic Episode 10 - PlayStation Talk...What Else?!

Final video focused on only the PlayStation side of the industry. But with the fact the conference was 2 hours vs. the 30 minutes that was rumored; we are likely going to dive into the rest of the announcement later on down the road. What we do know right now though is; E3 WILL BE FUCKING GREAT!

The battlefield will be stained in blood!

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Just 1 More Level Presents: PS4 Conference Afterthoughts!

Just 1 More Level and All Your Show team up to discuss the PlayStation 4's unveiling on Wednesday. We wanted to voice some commentary on Sony's plans right after the event ended. So let us know what you think. Voice your thoughts and ideas on everything PlayStation in the comments section below and subscriber over to the right.

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Just 1 More Level Presents: Happy Wars Review

Happy Wars is an Indie title on Xbox Live. You should check it out.

PlayStation 4 Unveiled

I was hoping to have constant updates hitting the site throughout the PlayStation conference. But it started to snow and rain ice here. So I only took easy to carry devices to the location where I assist in video content for All Your Show and All Your Base. To look at the PS Conference, you must remember that gaming graphics have reached a point that a monumental leap isn't going to happen. At least not like the ps2 to ps3 era jumps. So improvements need to come from other areas of gaming. This is something Sony appears to notice and has taken several steps to guarantee PlayStation 4 will have at the forefront.Yes, gaming will still see an improvement in the graphical department; this is newer tech under the hood. However, more powerful tech means more a developer can do. Games like Watch Dogs screamed "next-generation" when they were shown a year ago. And that rang true again when it was shown running on PS4 hardware. The amount of options in that game is going to be im…

Get Ready!

Just1MoreLevel and All Your Show are geared to the teeth to bring comprehensive coverage of Sony's PlayStation conference tomorrow. So stay tuned to here for written updates; check out J1ML Network and AllYourShow for our thoughts and opinions of the announcements.Everything is shaping up to be PlayStation 4. But really, it could be anything. If you are up to the task of voicing your ideas, step into the comments below and let us know. P.S. we'll be live at All Your Base in Broken Arrow. So stop by to say hi and talk with us firsthand.

Just 1 More Topic Episode 9 - PlayStation Event Week

To add to the festivities this week here is the last Just 1 More Topic before Sony's big NYC event. Likely to unveil the PS4 and more! So follow us at Just1MoreLevel, AllYourShow and J1ML Network. There will be so much content coming up on the site throughout this week.

On a side note, more writers are being added to the "staff" so to speak. Coming soon are articles from Rawrbagels (Steam, Xbox Live). So look for that very soon. *tear* Just1MoreLevel is growing up so fast.

In the Mind of Tri

Well, PlayStation week didn't kick off without a hitch. Of course life had to get in the way. First the uploads of the pilot and episode 1 of In the Mind of Tri got delayed til today, because the connection to upload wasn't good enough.Secondly, I will be leaving the paying job an hour later than expected. Which puts the new episode of Just 1 More Topic behind an hour. This isn't a bad mishap, but frustrating to say the least. Considering I've spent weeks planning this event week for the J1ML/AYS/AYB network.The new videos are up on YouTube now at J1ML Network.

Just 1 More Topic Episode 8 - Marketing...Continued!

Alright, we obviously had more to talk about with the marketing episode earlier in the week. So we reconvened to wrap up some of the bullet points. Hopefully you enjoy it...also we still aren't using a separate mic yet...for those of you that were wondering. And yes, after we were done was spotted that this is episode 8, not episode 9.


Just 1 More Topic Episode 7 - MARKETING IS IMPORTANT!

A new episode of Just 1 More Topic! Here we talk about marketing, the importance of it and some companies that just get it wrong.


In a Breath...Busy Production Scheduling

I been up to so much in the past few weeks that I haven't really been able to sit down and just type of something about the games I'm playing. You've all read about the new stuff that has launched; plus the new initiatives that are still in the pipeline. However, I haven't been able to just talk about games on here for a while. Or even spend time discussing my own opinions on the industry. Even though the video content offerings do make this easier to get more content up on the site (and by extension keeping the top articles always fresh. Stale websites aren't the wave of the future if you haven't been keeping up.
So how have you all been? I know I've been stretched thin, but hopefully under some new organization I'll be able to get more written material up on the site.

Games. They're fun aren't they; over the last few weeks I've been grinding through DMC and Ni No Kuni. Both of which are getting reviews at All Your Show. In the case of Ni …

Just 1 More Level Presents: DMC Video Review

Here is our review of the new DMC: Devil May Cry from Capcom and Ninja Theory for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Just 1 More Topic Episode 6 - Next Xbox Discussion

Alright, the rumors are getting crazy now. I can't believe how much of a war this is becoming. Was it always this bad? Did gamers really have to deal with companies just pawing around trying to do things without doing things? Insane! Let us know what you think in the comments below, plus all the subscribing stuff as well.

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Introducing: Just 1 More Level on YouTube!

That's right! We're on YouTube! I figured a dedicated article talking about the new plans of Just1MoreLevel was in order. You know, now that Just 1 More Topic launched and Fury had it's triumphant return to the spot light. Also, I'm sure you're probably wondering what is in store next, well I'm going to tell you. Just1MoreLevel is expanding in every which way possible. No longer is the site, just a blog where I sit and write up articles around what I'm doing.

Nope, Just1MoreLevel has become so much more than that. Now it is a location for all gamers to come to and get all kinds of gaming goodness. In fact there are several ways to digest the content:

Just 1 More Level Presents (the video featuring pillar of J1ML)

J1ML Interview (where...I...interview...people...)

Just 1 More Topic (the new smash hit that launched the YouTube channel for Just1MoreLevel)

You will also see my VLogs posted on the YouTube channel in addition to new shows that I'm working on. So…

Just 1 More Level Presents: Rev3 Games!

I've always been interested in launching a video game network. In fact that's what I'm knee deep in doing right now and enjoying it. Adam Sessler has been a voice in the gaming media crowd that I've come to respect based on his devote passion for the medium, but also his ability to logically dissect a topic. So for a non-All Your Show video feature, I'm branching out to show support for Revision 3 Games and as a whole.

So enjoy and reply in the comments if there is something you feel is worth me checking out or if you just want to show me other gaming related shows. I'm always down with having open conversations about this wondrous industry. Just subscribe to the right of this article. Circle the site, follow the site, etc, etc.


Just 1 More Level Presents: 200 Subscriber Party

This was an awesome party to attend and not just due to me being part of the team that put on the event. During the party we unveiled the Gamers Christmas Carol which starts the team from All Your Show, Eprius Films and Just1MoreLevel, in addition to countless games to compete in.

Looking forward to more events like this and many, many more.

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Just 1 More Topic Episode 5 _ GTA 5 and THQ Talk

Alright, we're back with another episode of Just 1 More Topic! And this is a weird one...there is praise for something EA did! *crickets chirping* I KNOW! EA...Electronic Arts! The guys that seem to feed on pissing off the gaming communities the world over!

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