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Just 1 More Topic Episode 4: Review Process

Well better late than never. The original run of this episode was hit by a couple technical difficulties, namely the sound/audio was really bad. However, it has been fixed and we're here to give you the 4th episode in this; growing in popularity, video game show!

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Just 1 More Level Fury: Issue #8

Welcome to a another edition of J1ML Fury! I know what you're thinking...what is this...a return to writing articles, instead of those wonderful and fancy video article things that have populated the site recently. I really hope you're all liking the video content by the way, because more are coming and will be a staple moving forward. Anyway, with that being the intro; let's get to the meat!
First up, 2013 kicked off with a major bang. In case you haven't been following along, partnered with All Your Show (the talented review team) back in the August/September time frame. Since then many projects started and we're seeing most finish to publication. Video review schedules are set, roles are being defined and a powerful network is formulating. While the work hasn't ever been more stacked; being busy isn't new to me, but this is the first time a big group appears to be running smoothly with relatively few bumps. Which is nice to see...espe…

J1ML Presents: AYS - Anarchy Reigns

Japan...and more specifically Sega, have a long, long history of developing the weirdest...yet enjoyable entertainment pieces. Anarchy Reigns for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 show that off again; in wonderful Japanese style. You might be weird Japan, but...actually...that's all I got. Watch the review and subscribe to the All Your Show. While you're at it, check out Just 1 More Level's new YouTube channel HERE.

And join the site with the bevy of choices to the right of the articles on Scroll over and a magical world rolls out to greet you and you're exploratory nature.

Just 1 More Topic - PlayStation 4 Discussion

The title says it all, so watch and leave a comment in the section below. If you liked what you saw, subscribe to the YouTube channel. Also become a fan and join the Google Plus followers as well. We'll be doing a hangout through there once we hit 100 Google Plus followers. So do it! (USE THE DAMN TOOLBAR ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN!)

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Just 1 More VLog Debuts!

Are you tired of the branding extension yet? Yes? Oh...well too bad! Introducing Just 1 More VLog! This is where I talk about things, things that pertain to the video games. So yeah, just doing my thing.

J1ML Presents: AYS Review - Black Ops 2

Check out the All Your Show team with the review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Yes, it is Call of Duty and yes, we all understand that a review is not needed. However, it helps keep content going and allows for more practice time in front of the camera. So stay tuned for more!

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J1ML Presents: All Your Show - Games of 2013

SEE! Just 1 More Level Presents is still here! It didn't go anywhere! So with that said, enjoy the All Your Show team listing off their most anticipated games of the new year!

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Just 1 More Topic - Nintendo Wii U

EyesEpicBlue stops by to chat with Taborius and myself about Nintendo's new system. In addition what could be next from Nintendo and even Sony/Microsoft. Which this might become a mini-series within Just 1 More Topic, because we didn't quite get everything said in the minimum amount of time we had. Anyway, find all of us on the following links:

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Just 1 More Topic Debuts!

Here it is! The first episode of Just 1 More Topic! You know, that show that I've been talking about for the past week.

In this episode Taborius and myself talk about the major projects we have either completed or are jumping into. But just talking about history can be boring, right? Mmmmmhmmmm. I'm glad you all agree; so talking about the future plans made their way into the cards. The Nintendo Wii U launch, the PS4 and Xbox 720, political scapegoating of real violence being created from virtual violence. All of which will have dedicated episodes down the road.
 So what do you want to talk about?  Jump in and share your voice!
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J1ML Fury Issue #7: PS4 and Durango Talk!

Well, it's time to get the hype going for the new show coming from Just1MoreLevel. It is 2013 and with this site crossing 20,000 total views...I figure you all are ready for some new content offerings. SO! The launch of the new Just 1 More Topic show is ripe for the limelight!

In this episode I will have Tabor from All Your Base and All Your Show to talk about what our gaming thoughts are on all the potentials of both the PS4 and the Xbox 720 or Durango. Prices, launch line-ups, the tech, the packed in goodies and more will be talked about. So stay tuned, because this debut episode is coming up this week.

In other news Eprius Films (headed up by All Your Show's EyesEpicBlue) is currently sifting through the pre-production phase of an upcoming film. This will be the first "major motion picture" coming from this studio and I'm on tap for production purposes in addition to acting. The movie will be gaming related and built around a franchise or combination of franch…


I wanted to take this time to thank all the readers and watchers out there who have supported the site this far. Big projects are in the work and last year saw a few staples launch in the forms of Just1MoreLevel Presents and Just1MoreLevel Interviews.

In 2013 Just 1 More Topic launches alongside a few unannounced plans. So keep reading, keep watching, get vocal, subscribe through the Fans service or through Google Plus and join the wild ride I'm sure 2013 will be.

Again, thank you for your continued support of

J1ML Presents: All Your Show - Assassin's Creed III

Here is another Just1MoreLevel Presents episode and of course it features the gang at All Your Show with their review of Assassin's Creed III.

Introducing: Just 1 More Topic! *UPDATED*

I've been very interested in launching a video game network that would rival and beat networks like CNet, 1UP, TechTV and G4. Back in August of 2012 I got to meet up with people that have very similar ambitions; in addition to having a web show already. So we've been working on ways to connect and expand out content offerings to better improve what we can do.

This is not going to replace J1ML Presents. As that series is dedicated to finding non-Just1MoreLevel created video content and featuring it on the site. So Just 1 More Topic will be completely separate from that. Another point I forgot to add to the original post was more detail to the organization.

As such, there will be three series to the show.

The Main/Primary series will feature myself hosting alongside the one and only Tabor from All Your Base. This however, will likely be the only series to have the opportunity to feature more than just two people in front of the camera. This series will focus on…

Happy New Year!

So we have made it to the year that never was suppose to happen! 2013! *Fireworks going off in the background* This is great and I'm wanting to wish everyone a safe New Years. But I'm not the only one...

Thank you for reading and watching in 2012!

Remember to subscribe in all the different ways over on the right hand side of the screen. It's a pull-out toolbox. USE IT! Thank you!

Keep your eyes here for the next forever.