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Just1MoreLevel - 2012 Game of the Year!

Well 2012 is winding down and the everyone is focusing on what games were the best to experiences. And so, Just1MoreLevel is not even remotely different. Even All Your Show did one! Here are my top 5 games of the year; the number 1 spot being J1ML's overall GAME OF THE YEAR! Yay!

5.  PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

4. The Last Story

3. Mass Effect 3

2. Persona 4: Golden

1. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

I'm Great @ ... Zoop?

Zoop is a puzzle game that released for the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, Game Gear, GameBoy and the PlayStation 1 back in 1995. My experience with it comes from the Super Nintendo version and through the Leonard Video Game Olympics. As the last game on the system (which didn't fare very well for me) it was the last experience myself and John had before closing the door on the SNES.
While it is boring and really not that engaging in the early phases, I found myself having my adrenaline flowing a little bit more as the levels started to rack up. I controlled an orange triangle in the center of the screen, as shapes invade from the sides. Apparently the shapes came in increments of one second. To clear a stage I didn't have to destroy all the different shapes, but instead just needed to clear a certain number of them. Whenever I would go to the end of my center square I was able to launch my triangle to either destroy or swap colors with an outside sh…

My 24th Birthday!

It's my 24th Birthday! Yay! Another year down! Now to see if I can survive another "END OF THE WORLD! OH MY GOD! WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" moment.

J1ML Presents: All Your Show - Game of the Year

Here is the Game of the Year episode from All Your Show! What game could get this honor? Will Call of Duty dominate here? Will Tabor "choke" anyone? Let's find out!

J1ML Presents: All Your Show - Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 has been out for a little while now, but I know you all have been waiting to hear what EyesEpicBlue, PharohWizard16 and Tabor has to say about it before you buy it. Well you don't have to wait anymore for what they think of the mess that is Borderlands 2! Trust's a good kind of mess.

And yes I know! You saw there were two articles posted today! Yay! Go work! Whooooo! Don't get use to it though. I'ma busy busy man. As are the guys from All Your Show and All Your Base. We do what we can when we can, but it doesn't always get finished on time.

But stay with us, because we are working out the kinks and getting you the content you crave.

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Wow...Over a Damn Week

I must confront time, because time keeps disappearing around me. There isn't much I can do though. When free time appears...the voice in my head says something like "let's go make something happen"... Or I go to All Your Base (CLICK) and spend 10 HOURS IN A ROW PLAYING DRAGON FORCE (CLICK)! That game is incredibly amazing though,

On to what I did accomplish though. I have recently completed half of my externship! I'm getting closer to being done with my Associate's Degree in Business Management. Looking into OSU-Tulsa for my Bachelor's in Business Administration. Although I could just spend 8 months and finish that at my current school. That would mean spending more time there...and I am pretty sure that I don't want to do that. In fact...98% sure on that front.

In other news the gang at All Your Show/All Your Base is about to launch the debut episode of All Your Show: The Podcast. It's an hour long audio podcast that I got to sit in on, …

In a Breath...Wait...What Is today...

Holy hell. This past week has been absolutely crazy. I mean completely insane to an infinite degree of ungodly insanity. If that last sentence made sense to you...YAY! If not...

So I've had a hell of a week. Work (in countless environments) has kept me away from sitting down and typing anything up. However, that has eased a little bit (CUZ I'M WRITING NOW...Dumbass). Ahem. Let's see, I've worked 5 days of, at least 9 hours a piece, I was part of the debut podcast recording of the All Your Show: Podcast...podcast (check out the new videos of the gang at AYS here), plus I've been trying to get some time to write out a review for PlayStation All-Stars (reviewed for both the PS3 and the PS Vita).

That greatly sums up the last week, however there was so much going on the personal level...that I just don't want to dive into right now. Nothing serious, just I'm exhausted.

I will attempt to get more articles up between here and my examiner posts from here on out. …