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PlayStation All-Stars Fever!

The fever is here and I just can't stop it. For over seven years I've wanted to see Sony take an interest in their franchises, the characters they have developed and the worlds that encompass those characters. To see the PlayStation brand in a much more unified stance similar to Nintendo's take on those same aspects.

Currently I'm working on a review for the site in addition to a full featured video review on All Your Show coming up soon. Looking forward to doing that. So I don't want to give away what I'm putting in the review. Just wanted to make this post to get let all of you know what I'm up to.

Online has been a blast and the single player has been really fun as well. Playing as Sony's famous and inFAMOUS characters on top of third party flair from DMC, Metal Gear, Tekken and Bioshock has been a real treat.