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J1ML Fury #6

Well I haven't had a very good passed three weeks. I'm not going to go into details here, but just know that my mind has been hammered by stress filled days for these three weeks. I finished up my Composition II class last week and passed the class with a 98%. Yay me! I know I know, I'm the greatest thing ever and yes I know how confident I am.

In my gaming news, The Leonard Video Game Olympics are still going strong...or as strong as they can be, considering we spent the last three weeks (hmmmmm) playing the Sega CD to it's completion. Such...a...terrible...system. John won the Sega CD round of the competition by 4 games. Less than half of his games were able to provide an experience that we could score something. Such a difficult time. However, we will be jumping to the Sega Saturn next and that is my system. To finish off the Sega CD we played Lethal Enforcers...which John owns the CD and Genesis versions of. But in case you were worrying...he will be buying the SNES version too. I won the Genesis version and he won the CD version. Which is how things have gone between these systems. I won the Genesis round and he won the CD round. Damn I've said CD too many times.

I'm looking forward to the Saturn, because I actually have gone out of my way to find the best games on the system. Spent almost $70 for DragonForce at the beginning of my time with it, but the game was fantastic. Looking at getting Shining Force III soon...ish. Anyway, we went by a local Vintage Stock and they had three Saturn games I haven't seen locally before! So I spent my built up trade in credit to purchase The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga, NBA Jam Extreme and Battle Monsters. Yes, they are not the best, but they aren't NHL 95, Winning Heat...or something like that, Winter Sports and Fifa 97. Those have been the only games I could locally find before this. So I got them.

Anyhow, this the return of Fury. So I hope you enjoyed this fast and furious issue. Remember that the right tool bar is there for you readers to expand your experience with Just 1 More Level. Use it to follow/subscribe to the website, giving you the ability to stay well connected with the new content on the site. Plus there are detailed archive features. When a site has been running for over a year and half...that means quite a few articles have been written.

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