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Cross Impressions - Donkey Kong [Intellivision]

Donkey Kong has captured Jumpman’s current flame, Pauline, and Jumpman will go to great heights to rescue his beloved. Of course Donkey Kong isn’t a pushover. Jumpman has to avoid obstacles and enemies in four tough stages. Released in 1982 for the Intellivision, Donkey Kong was published by Coleco. A modern-day equivalent would be Microsoft publishing games for the PlayStation 3. The 80s were a weird time indeed!

John: I’ve heard rumors that Coleco made this game inferior to sabotage the rival to their Colecovision, and after playing this version, I can see why those rumors began circulating. This was a poor rendition of the arcade game, but it was playable enough to get the idea. The graphics were passable, as were the sounds, but the gameplay was poor.

Jeff: I did not like this game at all and ended up stopping after my first three lives were spent. Easily the worst game I’ve played on this ancient system. Glad Nintendo didn’t take Donkey Kong out back to shoot after this poor versio…

Cross Impressions - BurgerTime [Intellivision]

All chef Peter Pepper wants to do is make hamburgers for a monstrous entity, perhaps the Green Giant. Unfortunately for Peter, man-sized hot dogs, fried eggs, and pickles are doing all they can to prevent him from doing just that. Released in 1983 for the Intellivision, BurgerTime features six stages of increasingly difficult gameplay. A competitive two-player mode remains intact in this home conversion programmed by Ray Kaestner as does the game’s vibrant characters and color palettes, albeit, just not to the fidelity of the arcade original.

John: I’ve always thought this game looked really interesting. A peculiar premise and eye-catching characters top off the excellent gameplay. Old arcade games like this have strict rule sets and require deftness from their users, but they can be quite rewarding. The two-player competitions Jeff and I had were great; I love this game!

Jeff: I really didn’t see the appeal of this game before playing it; however I can easily say this is the best game …

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita - First Impressions

LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation 3 was released during a time when Sony wonder system wasn't in the best place in terms of consumer sales. With all the investment Sony put into the PlayStation 3 there just wasn't really anything that showed up what the system was capable of. Yes, Uncharted in 2007 started to shift the PS3 into more positive light (simply by being fantastic), but one single game can't “save” a platform from failure.
Enter in Media Molecule's darling character Sackboy. A lovable, customizable character that can literally be whatever the player wants him/her to be. Whether you dress him or her up as a pre-made costume (which are readily available on the PlayStation Store) or you design your own to take advantage of the near limitless options for customization.

*I for one have always been a fan/supporter of Phil Harrison (former President of Sony Worldwide Studios and now he has joined the Interactive Entertainment Division at rival Microsoft...still …

Cross Impressions - Astrosmash

Time for another Cross Impressions article from the coveted Leonard 2012 Video Game Olympics! Up for discussion is Astrosmash for the Intellivision. That little, old system that couldn't.

Earth is being pelted by falling rocks, bombs, guided missiles, and UFOs and it’s up to players to protect it as best they can in Astrosmash. Released for the Mattel Intellivision in 1981, Astrosmash plays like a cross between Space Invaders and Asteroids; fittingly the game is all about getting a high score. John Sohl from Mattel Electronics developed Astrosmash. The only other game to his name on the platform was B-17 Bomber.

John: An interesting arcade style game that was relatively fast-moving game, although it seemed quite easy up to the point where we finished. Because we kept earning lives rather than losing them, we decided to award the game to whoever got the most points using one life. The falling rocks breaking apart into smaller pieces and the hyperspace features were reminiscent of As…

Olympic Cross-Impressions Debut

For the past two(ish) months I've been in video game competition of sorts with a good friend of mine. A couple weeks ago he came up with the idea of writing short impressions of the games we've been playing (and since these games come from our combined collection of games, it would be nice to get our thoughts down on these games after playing them...convenient). The articles will be posted on both my site and his site.

ABPA Backgammon (Intellivision)

John: I’ve actually played a lot of backgammon, but it’s been so long since I have, I’d forgotten the rules. I also didn’t have a manual or the controller overlays for the game so this turned out to be a rather tough game. It didn’t look great, nor did it sound good, but it was functional. I can’t imagine opting to play this against another person if I had an actual backgammon set, but I suppose playing against the computer is a valuable feature. Not a recommendable game though.

Jeff: I know nothing about backgammon…

J1ML Presents: Tribes - Ascend Review is proud to present another video from All Your Show! This time EyesEpicBlue reviews Tribes: Ascend solo. So let's check it out.

Subscribe to their channel for their opinions on the games they play.

In A Breath...9/17/2012

Well it has been almost a week since the last post; which really shouldn't be happening, because I have segments designed to prevent that (like this very segment). So here we go, jumping into the past week of Jeff news.

My girlfriend (Lauren) has been fighting/recovering from being incredibly sick over the passed week and actually had me worried about her. She is usually very fired up and she just wasn't up until yesterday. She is still recovering, but has told me (and appears) to be almost back to good status. It sucks being sick and it sucks even more when I feel so helpless for them and especially her. I'm glad she has recovered to where she is and hope it is a very, very long time till she gets sick again (if she can manage to never get sick again that would make me beyond happy).

The Leonard Video Game Olympics have been going strong. Every week roughly 20 games get played and I've closed the gap in the competition. As of now John's lead is at 11, but since w…

Just 1 More Level, Gets A New Format has gone through countless changes in its year and a half existence. I feel I've accomplished most of what I set out to do, but I'm always looking for more to accomplish. So with that being said, let me jump right into the new stuff.

As I detailed in a previous article I have two new features that have gone live; Just 1 More Level Presents and Just 1 More Interview. Both of these were projects that I had being working on for a long time and it was a joy to finally launch them. The numbers are staggering too as the site jumped over 2,000 total views from the debut of both segments.

Well I've been thinking of detailing schedules for the releases of these new segments plus hyping up the articles themselves. So what I have come up with is this;

Just 1 More Level Presents:

A video that I enjoyed watching, a clip that I think you all show see and/or an episode from the wonderful show All Your Show Are Belong To Us, or All Your Show.The video segments will start…

Labor Day Weekend!

Well I've been cleaning out my boxes and boxes of stuff from my many times moving around and what I've found that I want to sell has been going to a local gaming shop called Vintage Stock. From this however, I have generated enough credit through them that I'm also cashing in on the Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion they were running over the weekend for Labor Day.

On the first day of going I "bought" three games that I've picked up are for the PS2. Shining Force NEO, Shining Force EXA and Ratchet Deadlocked. Not the best games in their respective franchises, but games I'm interested in and got all three for $20. Ratchet was free, because it was under $15 and the others we're $15 each. Granted I'm not sure when I'm ever going to be able to play these games, but at least I traded in to get them. It's not like I wasn't interested in them around the times the released, but I just never took the plunge to get them. Now I do and it didn't cos…