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Just 1 More Segment...Okay Two

Two news features have FINALLY LAUNCHED on Been a long time coming and yes I understand that I've been talking about this stuff for the past...six-ish months. I think. Anyway, that's not the point, they are finally here and that is what matters...right? Right! I knew you all would agree with me! So anyway, here they are!
Just1MoreLevel Presents: This is the segment that will feature videos that I think are must see and to kick it off I have a video from a local trio of guys that review/talk about the finer points of games. Bringing their Alice: Madness Returns review up front and center will help people realize that maybe this is a fantastic game that more people should play...including myself.
Just1MoreLevel Interview: This is a segment where I interview people...(what else do I add)...I guess it is fairly self explanatory...Well anyway, for the launch of this segment I sat down with the UK's leading Battlefront III petitioner and chatted about his Face…

Just 1 More Level Presents: ALL YOUR SHOW!

To kick off a new video game partnership with a local trio of people I decided to start showing you, my wonderful readers, their YouTube show. Believe me, these guys are awesome to watch and know their games. Plus they are funny as well. Really makes the show enjoyable to watch. For the video I'm bringing over is their review of, Alice: Madness Returns. Because of their review and just talking with them the other day it makes me ashamed to have never played it, but because of I will.

Subscribe to their channel (HINT: CLICK)!
Send me questions at my email!

J1ML Interview: Connor Heggie for Battlefront III

There is a story in gaming that has been brewing for a few years. What happened to Free Radical and what happened to the game they were developing for LucasArts. For those that know some of the back history know that Free Radical was contracted as the developer that would handle bringing LucasArts' big Battlefront series to the third installment. Fans were excited when the TimeSplitters dev was announced as the developer of the beloved Battlefront franchise's third mainline game. However, numerous delays (that were forced by the LucasArts side) halted the production of the title and ended up draining Free Radical of resources and allowing the game to hit default.
Ever since the silent cancellation of the game there have been several petitions launched online to see the game come out. Whether there was some real problem during development or LucasArts just didn't want to shell out the massive amount of royalties that would inevitably rack up for Free Radical remains to be se…

The Last Story First Impressions

The Wii has been fairly bone dry for the last year and a half. Which is understandable because most developers have switched over to the dev kits for either the Wii U or the kits for the PS3/Xbox 360. However, the Wii has some games that received European localization and don't need any additional dialog or voice work for U.S.A. release. This has happened for both Xenoblade Chronicles and the newly released The Last Story. So it doesn't really need to be said, but this happens to be a great time for those of us who call ourselves RPG fans.

The Last Story was developed by the legendary creator Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy) and his team at Mistwalker. Roughly two hours into the game and I'm impressed with the battle system that has been brought out. First things first, there are six characters and all six fight in battle. I'm very impressed that Mistwalker addressed the timeless problem with this type of rpg. I've always asked why I have more than three playabl…

In A Breath...8-15-2012

Well I'm about to dive into a new project that will be part of the Simply #1 Network. Before I talk about that though, I wanted to bring up the competition that my friend and myself are doing. The whole video game olympics thing.

He currently has a ten game lead over me, but in our most recent encounter I did shrink his lead by two. In addition to that we have made it passed the halfway point of his NES library (seventy five-ish games complete). It will likely be about a week before we do any more competing, but I'm feeling good about the competition again. Right now it is John-37, Jeff-27 (some games didn't feature any way to take a score to have a victor. So that is why the scores we have don't equal the amount of games we've played).
In other news I went to see the campaign this passed Sunday and it is up there with Anchorman in my book (another Will Ferrell movie, duh). I spent almost the entire movie laughing (Push it....Push....Push it real good?). 
Now to th…

PlayStation All-Stars Beta This Weekend

I'm super excited to get to my PS3 to fire up the beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale this weekend. This marks the third beta I've been invited to in the past week and although I enjoy LittleBigPlanet and was invited to the betas for both LittleBigPlanet Karting and LittleBigPlanet Vita (the Vita beta hasn't started yet for me) I will be passing on Karting and diving full force into PlayStation All-Stars. From what I've heard the beta will feature the originally announced six characters (Kratos, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Sly Cooper and Parappa) so I won't get to play as Jak and Daxter...for shame.

Maybe the longer the beta goes, the more characters will become playable. I'm really hoping to play as Jak and Daxter, but I don't think that is quite what this beta schedule will be worried with. Although for the initial playing I will give Kratos a go since he is just pure bad ass. And for the ones who have been living under a rock for …

Leonard Video Game Olympics...In the Mix

As of right now I'm down in the NES round 23 to 17. The last two days of competition have not fared very well for me. What started the down turn was the old light-gun games for the NES and that carried over to last Saturday when we played games like Home Alone and Final Fantasy. Five games were played and I won one of them, which was Final Fantasy (RPG's have been my strong point in the competition).

I will gather up all the rules that we've been using and post them up on Just1MoreLevel. Even though the current match-ups have built a gap for John, I will get myself back on top and win this competition overall. In fact I think I will try to get the existing excel workbook that is being used to track all the wins and losses; in addition to the high scores that were set by both competitors.

After we have finished the NES we're going to take a few steps back and then try making a run at the Intellivision and the Apple II. Once they have been completed the competition will …

Games I Have Pre-Ordered

1) The Last Story (Wii)
2) Ragnarok Odyssey (Vita)
3) Persona 4: The Golden (Vita)
4) PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale (PS3)
5) Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3)Recently cancelled pre-orders for:
The Last of Us and LittleBigPlanet Karting.I'm still going to get The Last of Us, but the release date is pretty much locked in for 2013 and I don't want that money to just sit there on something I can get to in a couple months. As for LittleBigPlanet Karting, I'm just not as interested in getting that game on day one. So it has been dropped from the pre order list.PlayStation All-Stars and Persona 4: The Golden are my two most anticipated games this year; with The Last Story a close third. Ragnarok Odyssy appears to be a really good game and I'm craving RPG's on the Vita so this is a must have. Last, but not least is Ni No Kuni. This is a 2013 release, but I've been looking forward to it for a long time. The standard edition will get cancelled once GameSt…