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Just1MoreLevel Communication

I want to hear from everyone that goes to my site. Feedback is the must important part right now. I want to hear from you all. So here are someways to contact me (they are also found in the About The Blog section of the site).
Tridrakious on Twitter
Google Plus
and you can obviously post comments to the section here or on the page that it pertains to.

I've tried to develop the site in the way that I believe makes things easier. For example, instead of only having an archive to dig through, I keep the important and long standing features within the toolbar here on the site. Giving easy and simple access to the impressions, the reviews, the mini-reviews and so on. However, I can still go in and make changes to the layout and formula depending on feedback I get.

Don't hesitate to send in questions and suggestions. I'm always listening and I appreciate all the comments I've gotten in the past and hope to hear more soon.