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Leonard Video Game Olympics 2012

My good friend John and myself are currently fighting our way through video game history. Taking place at his house (because he has almost every system we want to play on/game and it is just the location of where we game) and consisting of Atari 2600 all the way to the PlayStation 3. The greatest part of our competition is being able to play games in system/chronological order is allowing us to see the evolution of the industry. From Dragster to Contra (we've already played around 50 to 60 games).So far Atari 2600, Intellivision and the NES have been played on. With Intellivision not being counted, because it wasn't functioning right. But played Burgertime and that was an interesting time. (no pun intended)The scoring has us both neck and neck. I honestly didn't think I was going to fare as well I have, but I barely have a lead and it really goes back and forth. John won more on the 2600, but so far I'm winning the NES round. Check back for more information.

Just1MoreLevel Communication

I want to hear from everyone that goes to my site. Feedback is the must important part right now. I want to hear from you all. So here are someways to contact me (they are also found in the About The Blog section of the site).
Tridrakious on Twitter
Google Plus
and you can obviously post comments to the section here or on the page that it pertains to.

I've tried to develop the site in the way that I believe makes things easier. For example, instead of only having an archive to dig through, I keep the important and long standing features within the toolbar here on the site. Giving easy and simple access to the impressions, the reviews, the mini-reviews and so on. However, I can still go in and make changes to the layout and formula depending on feedback I get.

Don't hesitate to send in questions and suggestions. I'm always listening and I appreciate all the comments I've gotten in the past and hope to hear more soon.

In a Breath...7/19/2012 Edition

Welcome back to another edition of "In a Breath..."! Now with date fuctionality! YAY! It's awesome, I know.

Okay, so I've been stressing how busy I have been lately. Okay, for the past couple of months. However, my organization is finally complete and I can start returning to the site much more frequently. As of now i'm sending in feedback towards to Blogger staff on adding video uploading tools to the Blogger app for at least Android (since that is the OS that I use). what I'm wanting to do is have a weekly video podcast and it is easier right now to upload from my phone with new video content.

So what will the video podcasts entail? I'm glad someone asked. Thank you, me.
Roughly 3 to 4 minutes in lengthDiscussing a current game, topic, event in summary capacityShowing related graphics of subjects listed abovePotential sneak peaks of upcoming subjects (gaming conventions, gaming events, shows, etc.)
It hasn't been easy, but I'm finally able to tak…

PlayStation Move Review (from Files)

(This is the debut of my files articles. It has been almost 2 years since I posted an article over there and I recently was asked to return. So to bridge my content between two locations I'm going bring a few things over here and vise versa)

After 2 weeks (2 years ago now) playing with Sony's new motion controller, PlayStation Move, I think I'm ready to give my full opinions of it. First up, yes this is a fantastic device. It feels great and I never feel like it's going to slip out of my hand. Since it's designed to have you grip it, like the controller is melding to your hand. The strap doesn't get in the way either, which I thought it might. Maybe because it looked longer than the Wii-mote's strap. But it's made of a sturdier material than the Wii-mote's. The game I have been playing alot of is Sports Champions (from the Move bundle, which comes with the PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move, Sports Champions and a demo disc that has 11 d…

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

So this is my first movie review and I think I picked a good starting point. The Amazing Spider-Man from director Marc Webb. I went with a friend to see Sony's reboot of the franchise and I was not disappointed. The Amazing Spider-Man is the fourth movie made of the man spider, but completely starts the story over. The usual staples are there (no real spoilers) Uncle Ben (played by Martin Sheen/Elusive Man from Mass Effect trilogy) dies due to Peter's “rebellious” “It's not my job to do the right thing if you won't bend the rules for me” attitude, Peter Parker's (Andrew Garfield, BBC's Doctor Who) parents leave him with his aunt and uncle when Peter is a child.
Peter is still a nerd that studies all the time, there is Gwen Staci (played by Emma Stone) the intelligent chick that he falls in love with throughout the movie. However, Peter Parker doesn't only focuses on taking pictures, but he also happens to evolve into a “skateboard punk” who stands up for n…

Mobile Connection

Well I've been hard at work at Simply #1 Productions. We have wrapped up a 90-episode schedule that we begin filming tomorrow. I'm very excited to get these out there under the Simply #1 banner. I will post a link in the "About The Blog" section that houses all the links to various projects, hobbies, businesses and more that I am associated with in some capacity.The first project coming from Simply #1 Productions is Talk Time w/ Todd. Staring myself and my friend/business partner and Co-CEO Todd Ellison. We're pumped to get the ball rolling on everything here. The show will go live on our YouTube channel (which will be posted soon)Stay tuned in for more!

All Your Base (The Store)...Could Be a Review

There is a recently launched gaming retail store in the Tulsa Metro Area called All Your Base. Yes, for all the “older” gamers out there the name comes from the 1991 European Sega Mega Drive version of Zero Wing (All Your Base Are Belong To Us) by Toaplan (great job guys and gals on the translation)
When I went to Oklahoma Video Game Expo (OVGE) 2012; All Your Base was new to the convention and that is where I found them for the first time. The owner of the store is very knowledgeable about the material in his store and is wanting to spread the word of good games. A business is a business and money is the focus, but didn't ever get the feeling that money was the sole purpose of the store. While I was in the All Your Base I felt like upholding the joy of gaming was at the core of store front; not just “I want your cash and care nothing about what kind of experience you have here”.

Recently I found time to check out his store in Broken Arrow and greatly impressed that it has its …