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In a Breath....3

I'm so tired. That is basically my mantra right now and there is just no stopping the flood of work. Just a month ago I was busy, but now I don't have time to do really anything that doesn't involve business. However, I'm attempting to get a better grasp of the situations and how to better attack the topics coming across my figurative desk.

Yes, I've had to pull another "In a Breath" together for something on the site. Ugh. I don't want this article to just be about how busy I'm am. You are here to read about the stuff I'm doing and (hopefully) the games I'm playing. So here it is, my quick rundown!

I'm playing bits and pieces of Gravity Rush on the Vita. The second must have title for the platform. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a must have if you buy pre-owned, because the $50 new price is to fucking much for a handheld game. Working on my first impressions of it which I hope to have finished within the next two days. For a heads up, BUY IT! If you don't have a Vita, BUY THE DAMN VITA! I stamp my name next to this one.

Next up is the first actual show coming from Simply #1 Productions called Talk Time. It will feature the entire staff of Simply #1 Productions in a "late night" talk show. The host is Co-CEO Todd, I will portray different people throughout the series and Heather; the President of Business Operations and Strategy will have a segment titled Weather with Heather. This show will have some very interesting characters that range from celebrities, sports icons, one hit wonders and more!

The Adventures @ Dook-ed University is still happening, but we've been working on it alongside this new show project. So look for more in the coming days as we establish a our set and begins film testing.