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Traversing the Ocean of Stars

One of my most favorite franchises in gaming is Star Ocean from Square-Enix. Till the End of Time for the PlayStation 2 holds my personal record for most hours spent playing in a single playthrough...ahem...345 hours and 32 minutes. Of course the version I got was the Director's Cut so there was extra content plus a brand new (and not tacked on) fighting game that you had to find in one of the added locations. I wasn't old enough to really know about the series back when it first was introduced to the gaming masses back on the Super Nintendo or the original PlayStation. While I grew up around those platforms I just didn't really know about Star Ocean. My focus was on Final Fantasy, Tekken, Suikoden and Crash Bandicoot.
However, I did pick up both remakes for the PlayStation Portable (The First Departure and The Second Evolution).

Anyway, this article is about Star Ocean and my new foray into The Last Hope -INTERNATIONAL- for the PlayStation 3. Following epic RPG's lik…

Gravity Rush First Impressions

PlayStation Vita has been in desperate need of high-caliber titles to show the system will be home to amazing games. I recently purchased Gravity Rush and it has given me the glimmer of hope that PS Vita can fulfill the need for triple A gaming. I checked out the demo and it actually made me lose interest in Kat's (the main playable character) adventure. However, I managed to play a part of the completed product and was easily sold on the experience.
Sony has always said that PlayStation hardware runs marathons; not sprints and Gravity Rush supports this nicely. Taking the time to craft a phenomenal gaming experience that is half home console and half handheld play styles. Sony Japan Studios has finally put a game out that completely understands what it can be and I'm so happy with the result.

When Kat wakes up I was met with a world that was falling apart and no one knew what to do. Everyone is just trying to live around the gaping black holes in the sky that are sucking pie…

In a Breath....3

I'm so tired. That is basically my mantra right now and there is just no stopping the flood of work. Just a month ago I was busy, but now I don't have time to do really anything that doesn't involve business. However, I'm attempting to get a better grasp of the situations and how to better attack the topics coming across my figurative desk.

Yes, I've had to pull another "In a Breath" together for something on the site. Ugh. I don't want this article to just be about how busy I'm am. You are here to read about the stuff I'm doing and (hopefully) the games I'm playing. So here it is, my quick rundown!

I'm playing bits and pieces of Gravity Rush on the Vita. The second must have title for the platform. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a must have if you buy pre-owned, because the $50 new price is to fucking much for a handheld game. Working on my first impressions of it which I hope to have finished within the next two days. For a heads up, BU…

Oklahoma Video Game Expo 2012

Oklahoma doesn't get much attention in the video game sphere. True the Okie citizens could travel to Texas for all the fun conventions that are housed there, but that involves taking time off and driving/flying down to them. Very rarely do we get an opportunity to have something come to us. While it is rare for video gaming to come to Oklahoma; it is not unheard of and thanks to the hosting team that puts on the Oklahoma Video Game Expo! This event is here again and I recently went with my friend John to see what was new this time around.

The format was the same as last year where multiple vendors set up booths in an oval shape so there were tables of video game goodness on both sides as you walk around the floor. Unlike last year though a section was added that allowed attendees to walk behind the center wall of vendor tables to view more things. While it appeared to have more content than last year, there wasn't as much “must buy” content available. Some of the really cool …

J1ML G+-ified!

As pointed out in my recent “In A Breath...2” article, I mentioned the Google Plus (+) page for I understand that written articles about games are becoming hard for me to do now, but I've got several new offering in the development cycle for the site and yes this community page is one of those offerings.
So what can you expect from on Google Plus? Well this will grant me quick and easy access to the people who read my articles. Giving me another platform to entertain you all, my wonderful readers, without stressing too much about whether or not I'm going to have a review, an impression or just a specific game to talk about.
Another facet to the page is to see how it goes. Everyone who has visited Just1MoreLevel has likely read something that contained information about a company partnership that I recently had the pleasure of launching called Simply #1 Productions (which is developing The Adventures @ Dook-ed University). So launching the G…

In A Breath...2

Well I might as well just make this a mainstay feature on the site. Another six days since the last article. I promise that major advancements are coming to Just1MoreLevel. Right now I'm finalizing a business plan for Simply #1 Productions and establishing a method to get constant content onto the site.

I've got several announcements being geared up for unveiling soon. So please bare with me; I'm trying to do tens of things at once and I'm only an office of one. An upcoming article will detail all the features on the site. Helping to explain what they do and how to use them.

Plus check out the Just 1 More Level Google + page for much quicker updates on how things are going with the site.

Kingdom Age Review

I have spent a bit of time playing Kingdom Age for Google + and I must say I'm really enjoying it. What I did think I would do when I launched Just1MoreLevel over a year ago was me reviewing games that weren't on a typical gaming platform. However, what I'm finding on Google + are more games that act like games. Meaning they have multiple tiers for how to play. Usually when playing a game on Facebook there is one bar that you pull some form of points from and once it is empty (or there just isn't enough points in there to do something) two options are presented. One, you can wait for the bar to refill enough to do something or option two; you spend real money to fill up the bar.
With Kingdom Age I haven't really ran into this mechanic. There are two bars that refill on a basis of about two and a half minutes. However, I could build an Alchemy Lab which will generate energy for my character to go out on missions. Next to the Energy bar sits the Stamina bar which re…