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Simply #1 Network

Finalized Concept Logo for the Simply #1 Productions

Simply #1 Productions was founded back in April of this year. Looking back to my middle school days I've wanted to launch a production company. Creating content that people would enjoy watching, playing and/or listening to has been a dream adventure for me. I remember being in class, having nothing to do, and just pulling out my notebook to just start writing down my thoughts. Characters, a world map, nations, equipment, plots, etc and spending my free time letting my creations come to life. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get these ideas off the ground to become actual products for people to purchase or experience.

At least not yet that is, because now there is a company that is working hard to bring ideas that are not only my own, but my friend's ideas to life as well. I'm very proud of the momentum we have going and look forward to seeing more development in the world we are forming. Simply #1 Productions will bring the best experiences to audiences around the world through mediums like YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus and Just1MoreLevel. Our very first product is The Adventures @ Dook-ed University from inside the teacher's lounge (with a few scenes from the Dean's office).

We are filming the pilot season and scripts are wrapping up. So very soon I hope to have a steady stream of videos going up here for everyone to see. If you go to the "About The Blog" page here you will find every single link possible to connect with myself and the staff. Simply #1Productions is trying to get absolutely everywhere on the Internet so our growing fan base can provide feedback on everything we do.

Just1MoreLevel has been truly a dream turned into reality as well for me, because I've always savored opening up a dialog about my tastes/opinions in gaming and this site has given me that opportunity for an entire world to read my thoughts. I hope what I say has been enjoyable for others to read just as much as it has been for me to write. I feel like I've been revitalized in a sense, because this past year has been full of moments where I've just taken the plunge. Refusing to let doubts or second guessing prevent me from pursuing/accomplishing my dreams as paid dividends.

Simply #1 Productions needs your help. If you can please go visit our Kickstarter page and help us raise funds for us to transition from our Pilot season to the official season 1. Each pledge amount features at least one special item.

We've worked very hard on this show and really need to funds to get the equipment necessary to move to the actual season. So go check it out and offer any support you can for our show. Simply #1 Productions will be entirely grateful.