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In A Breath...

I apologize for going an entire week without a new post here. Last week was a mess with so much work being put in everywhere but here. I promise that new content is coming. Like a new Fury issue and two reviews. If these articles weren't hefty then I likely would have been able to have stuff up last week.

Anyway, I apologize again for my absence. So to get everyone up to date on where I've been.

Working around the clock on Simply #1 ProductionsDesigning the set for the show The Adventures @ Dook-ed UniversityFilming a trailer for the showWorking on scripts for the showNetworking like crazy for the companyPlaying games to write aboutJust 1 More Level FuryMy final in Accounting II was last week So this was "In A Breath...". I think I might make this a weekly Sunday article.

Check out my friend John's impressions on Baten Kaitos and his review of Samurai Western.

Just 1 More Level Fury: Simply #1

Well last week was a very busy week. So first things first let me go into some details about what exactly is going on with Just1MoreLevel. I'm not going anywhere and this site won't really change. With that being said new original content will start to roll out on this very site. Simply #1 Productions is a new company that will be focusing on brand new internet content starting with “The Adventures @ Dook-ed University”.
Simply #1 Productions is a company that I recently launched with a friend of mine. What I'm looking at doing to building not only the company, but also establishing Just1MoreLevel and The Adventures @ Dook-ed University as brands. Brands that focus on entertaining content. So while things won't change around these parts there will be an influx of video/image content. So Just1MoreLevel will remain separate from the actual company that is Simply #1 Productions, but they will work together.
Just1MoreLevel will continue being my website where I voice my o…

Simply #1 Network

Simply #1 Productions was founded back in April of this year. Looking back to my middle school days I've wanted to launch a production company. Creating content that people would enjoy watching, playing and/or listening to has been a dream adventure for me. I remember being in class, having nothing to do, and just pulling out my notebook to just start writing down my thoughts. Characters, a world map, nations, equipment, plots, etc and spending my free time letting my creations come to life. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get these ideas off the ground to become actual products for people to purchase or experience.
At least not yet that is, because now there is a company that is working hard to bring ideas that are not only my own, but my friend's ideas to life as well. I'm very proud of the momentum we have going and look forward to seeing more development in the world we are forming. Simply #1 Productions will bring the best experiences to audiences around the worl…

Dragon's Dogma Demo Impression

Original IP releasing this late in a console life-cycle is hard to come by. However, I placed Dragon's Dogma on my radar when it was announced. Of course with the way the industry is I managed to lose sight of the game in the flood of blockbuster titles like Uncharted 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and much more recently Mass Effect 3. All three of which came out within a six month time period and all titles that I've been highly anticipating too. Yes, I am a sucker for sequels just as much as I am a sucker for new intellectual property.
Dragon's Dogma is a highly detailed Action/Adventure title and the demo recently hit PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. From what I have gathered about Capcom's new IP is that it has elements of an RPG, because I was traveling with a party of characters and the feel was a mash-up between Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, God of War and Diablo. Artistic style from Lords of Shadow; action/adventure that surrounds massive battle …

Just 1 More Level Fury Issue #4

Well its issue number 4 and this past week was full of SO MUCH NOT GAMING! I really think I might be hitting a rut that comes around about two or three times a year. All of my consoles are begging to be played, but I just don't have the time now. Which, believe me sucks so badly, because I'm a gamer. Maybe it has something to do with getting older, ...NAH I'm only 23. That surely can't be it...maybe I'm just tired. I think that is more in line with what's wrong with me.
Now I will say that I have started playing Everquest II with my girlfriend Lauren, but I typically don't have time until around 10-ish in the evening. However, I've enjoyed playing the game and this is the first time we've actually played a game that we both can get into. Not the first game we've played together, but it is the first one that we can play together and like. Sorry Super Street Fighter IV you were awesome to play, but not the cure.
EverQuest II went free-to-play lat…

Mortal Kombat (Vita) Review

Mortal Kombat on the Vita is amazing to say the very least. Which is great for us Vita gamers that have been dying to play something on the system that hasn't already been out for a couple of months. Nothing new has gotten firm release dates and we're unfortunately running out of new games at a rapid pace. So when Mortal Kombat came out I had to dive in. I'm not exactly a fighting fan (although I did spend quite a bit of time in Super Street Fighter IV [all version minus the newest Arcade version that hit consoles not too long ago]), but I need something new to play and well Mortal Kombat recently hit the weakening Vita line-up. I will spare the rest of this discussion for a later date. On to Mortal Kombat for the PlayStation Vita!
NetherRealm Studios released a re-boot of the franchise last year for the PS3 and 360 to great applause. Critics and fans alike loved the move to hit restart on a franchise that was becoming an eyesore. How much of that was the fault of the (no…

Sumioni: Demon Arts Demo Impression *UPDATED*

Sumioni: Demon Arts released on the PlayStation Vita through the PlayStation Network on March 20th, 2012. Published from Xseed Games, I believe this is the first title to hit Sony’s new platform from this team and I must say that it looks really nice. Graphically I was impressed by the watercolor style which is reminiscent of Okami (the PlayStation 2 title from Capcom that was later ported to the Nintendo Wii). The Vita’s wonderful OLED screen prominently displays Agura no Sumioni (the main character, the red Hellboy like dude) as he slashes his way through the baddies. Sumioni is an arcade action platformer and that helps make this feel like the actions on screen are moving along a scroll of paper. I personally liked the art style for this aspect alone. When I first saw a trailer of Sumioni in action I wanted to try it. Just to see how the Vita would hold up when the combat got intense. Of course the action doesn’t really get that intense during the demo. But that’s exactly the point, …