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Dook-ed University

I would like to introduce you all to the first show being created by Simply #1 Productions. What I have here can be found on the Facebook page here, but I wanted to bring another avenue for everyone to find the most up-to-date information on the venture. Bring your feedback and your questions.

Welcome to Dook University. A place where you can reach your hopes and dreams once they bring in a new staff. On the verge of being shut down, the schools drastic measure to hire a new Dean is the only hope they have to carry on the Dook name. This group of teachers truly have the best intentions, however; their drive is over-powered by their idiocracy. While they try as hard as they can to help students succeed, they fail miserably. Meet our prestigious staff:

Captain Whiskaas

A 5 O’clock shadow bearing breed of a woman constructed of the body of an over-sized walrus and the buttocks of a hippopotamus. People constantly mistake her for a male due to the constant stubble on her face or a wild ani…

Just 1 More Level Fury #3

I'm a little late with this third installment, but give me time to explain before getting all mad at me for being tardy. If you read the previous article you will know that I recently launched a production company called Simply #1 Productions with a good friend of mine. So that has eaten up quite a bit of my free time over the passed week. However, I didn't want to go too long without getting this new issue up. So lets dive right in shall we?

I'm currently enjoying the experience of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean that originally came out on the Nintendo GameCube, but I'm playing it with my friend John on the Wii. Looking at over seven hours and have reached our third party member. So far we both greatly enjoy the battle system and yes it is card based. However this game is exactly how you should develop something that incorporates cards. It's fast, agile and the most important factor of all? Fun! I remember when we both started the game; feeling no…

Simply #1 Productions

For almost my entire life I've wanted to create something that will leave behind a legacy that people come to respect for generations. Part of this was achieved when I launched over a year ago and I'm excited to make another major announcement today. Just1MoreLevel will be joined by an official production company called Simply #1 Productions.
This company was founded by myself (Jeff Brown) and Todd Ellison. Simply #1 Productions is a dream company where we create ways to make people laugh and build a community that will hopefully follow us wherever we go in our current/future venture. Just like with this very site I am looking forward to seeing where Simply #1 Productions is at in just a year.
Here I will provide a short summary of what I can talk about now. Playing things close to the vest until we have more concrete details. I will update this post as more announcements come from our long meetings.
What is Simply #1 Productions? We are dedicated to the cre…

Just 1 More Level First Year Celebration!

Wow! It's been a full year since I launched Just1MoreLevel. In my head I was thinking it had to be closing in on this special birthday, but after looking back through my old articles I can tell that...I missed my own site's birthday by four days! I know, I know I should feel ashamed and I do. Can't even remember when I started my site to tell the world my thoughts and ideas on this wonderful industry of gaming we have. With that said though I truly am happy that I've survived this long. A year really does go by fast. So let's have a look back shall we? From site stats to what has changed and what evolved into what over the one year of existence.
J1ML Stats:
Total Page views: 6,300
Most Individual Page views: Super Stardust Delta Review
Leading Browser: Google Chrome (2,856 users)
Leading Country from Views: United States (4,760)
Leading Operating System: Microsoft Windows (4,694)
Countries Currently Reading J1ML: 15 (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Israel.…

Star Fox 64 3D Review

My introduction to Star Fox came from the GameCube adventure Star Fox Assault. I greatly enjoyed Assault several years ago when a friend let me borrow his GameCube and the game. According to most game reviewers out there, Assault is considered the worst of the series and Star Fox 64 has been regarded as the best. So when Nintendo released Star Fox 64 3D a little while back I was excited to get my 3DS fired up and popped the game in. This review was mostly done several months ago, but got lost on the burner in the mix of everything happening back in September for me. So after noticing my slip up I drove right into fixing this oversight. The result is a very late, but full featured, review of this 3DS port of the original Nintendo 64 title.
I was ready to try out the new things Nintendo was bringing to Star Fox with the added 3DS features like 3D, motion sensing and online multiplayer. Unfortunately the new features only hampered the playability of this port. The 3DS used in the 3DS on…

VGChartz USA Pre-Orders Chart, April 14th 2012

For the past four years I have been found frequenting Those of you who don't know about this site I'll give you a brief overview of what to expect from them.

Simply put this is a sales and stat tracking site for video games that was founded by Brett Walton and launched back in June of 2005. Every week his team break down what the systems do/have done in seven different markets around the world and provide a Top 100 of all software in all of these markets (Global, USA, Europe, UK, Germany, France and Japan) as well. Outside of the actual sales numbers that are put up every week, VGC also has the Top 50 Pre-Orders chart for the USA market. A great tool to see where people are preemptively spending their hard earned cash on games that are not out yet.

There is a small but nice community of passionate gamers on the forums which have been easily divided up into categories based on system and topic. A great place to find very heated debates over the games themselves pl…

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Mini-Review

Treasures of Montezuma Blitz on the PlayStation Vita is nothing more than a Bejeweled style puzzle game. Connecting gems in groups of threes or more to destroy them; generate points from the destroyed gems; the more gems I destroyed in quick succession granted points frenzy which increased the amount I would get for gems destroyed during that five to ten second mode and all this led to a meter filling up to the side. Montezuma Blitz uses the front touchscreen as its only means of input. Montezuma promotes short burst gaming, however if I wanted to play more than 5 minutes of the game I had to pay to revive my lives or turn the game off and go back into it. Seems very tedious to me.

There are zero trophies to get from this game so if you download it don't expect to rack them up. That was the main reason I downloaded Montezuma when it hit the store. That greatly shortens the replayability in my eyes since the game doesn't have much else. There is a leaderboard to see how your h…

J1ML Fury #2

The completion of Mass Effect 3 has created a situation I've been struggling with. What am I going to play next? How do I fill what an rpg fills? Crimson Gem Saga is getting more play now, but I want something for the home consoles. This debate came down to three competitors. L.A. Noire (for the detective/mystery aspect), Eat Lead (for the parodies of cliches) and Bulletstorm (for just the fun shooting, plus I saw it for $20 at my GameStop).

The winner was L.A. Noire since I believe I will get a meaty experience out of it. What drew most of the attention to the game was the credits controversy that rocked Team Bondi (leading to their closure last year). However the game was actually reviewed very well so I'm going to give it a shot.

Something big happened last week and I wanted to express my opinion on it. People build up an ending for whatever it is. We all want to see how our imagination would carry a story or plot to the very end. We all hope everything works out in the end…

Mass Effect 3 Review

(Certain characters in my review, might not be in your game. Just FYI if you're new to Mass Effect)
Well it's finished. The story that started back in 2007 has been completed. Mass Effect is a rare franchise that features incredible game play, insanely detailed characters and a galaxy just as fleshed out as the inhabitants inside these endless walls of space. Throughout the story I've played as Commander Shepard and unlike other games he was entirely developed how I saw fit. Every decision made by him was actually my choice. I can't think of another game that grants me this level of ownership. I truly am connected with my Shepard and feel the pain he feels whenever a plan or strategy doesn't go right and there are plenty of those chances. If a decision I make doesn't go according to plan, it means people die. There were true consequences for any and all actions I made throughout my time in the Commander's N7 boots.
I will admit that I ignored the idea some…