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Not My Spring Break Week

Well I don't start spring break till the week after everyone else returns to their normally scheduled lives. It sucks, royally. It could be worse though. Not sure don't ask. This will be just a simple article as I start getting back into the groove of writing after being slammed with work these past couple of weeks. From my perspective I'm starting the process of moving into management positions within the locations of my local GameStop stores. Which I'm finally starting now what was offered to me before I even started working for GameStop almost eight months ago.

Outside of work I've been attempting to get some gaming under my belt again. Which has been fairly easy with my purchase of Mass Effect 3. The past couple of days have been spent going through Bioware's Galaxy at War multiplayer and being overly impressed with how everything feels. I wasn't sure what to expect before playing (didn't play the demo's multiplayer and only saw a little bit from my friend's playthrough of a partial match) and glad to know I'm enjoying it. Mass Effect 3 focus' much more on co-op than the usual competitive multiplayer found in nearly every other game out there. These matches are not short (Bronze challenges seemed to average about 20 minutes; Silver is around 35 minutes and Gold was about 40 minutes) granted it depends on the team of have, but those are the averages that I found across my almost three straight days of gaming.

My work schedule is starting to pick up as well. So I'm trying to balance the increase in work with my final week of class this month. When I start up my next class in April I'll be taking Effective Public Speaking with one of my favorite instructors at my campus. So needless to say I'm excited about what is ahead on the school front. After my final on Thursday I'm going to be relaxing or I'll try getting even more hours for work. Hmm, more money or more free time? More money will likely win this bout.

While I'm playing Mass Effect 3 I've also been attempting to get into Unit 13, but that isn't going over so well. It's an okay game, it functions like it's suppose to, but it's just not very engaging. That's it's problem, just not engaging enough. Zipper Interactive has become a very disappointing developer ever since the PlayStation 3 launched. They did okay on a couple PSP titles, but nothing special. Their PS3 outings have been bad (MAG was okay, but Socom 4 was terrible).

Anywho, this was all I've got for this article. Maybe I'll have some more work stories to put on here in the near future. I'm wanting to do some fictional stories, but things haven't developed enough to get anything going in that realm yet. But look forward to something soon.