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Just 1 More Level Fury Issue #1

J1ML Fury will be weekly “periodical” of sorts that will house what I’ve played within the last week and what I’m aiming at playing or doing in the week ahead. Briefly looking at my world. Featuring games, projects, school and whatever else comes my way. Think of this as a spiritual successor to the Currently Playing articles I use to write. There will be some spoilers or possible hints to spoilers. If you don't want to have Mass Effect 3's story damaged in anyway, don't read the first paragraph.

So I've been enjoying Mass Effect 3 to the fullest. I'm not sure why there has been an outrage about the story. While I've seen some weak performances by at least one character I'm not holding that against Bioware. So far this story has been absolutely great. The characters are still very well fleshed out and developed (which makes it harder to take when some meet their ultimate end...). Cerberus has really started to piss me off. Their first couple of attacks are j…

Mass Effect 3 - From Ashes Review

From Ashes is a “post-release” DLC addition to Mass Effect 3. If you picked up the Collector's Edition you were greeted with a voucher to download this mission. Throughout the span of the Mass Effect games everyone hears about this legendary species that took on the evil Reapers. Fighting them tooth and nail in a war that lasted over a hundred years, but still ended in the Protheans being completely wiped out...or so the Reapers thought.
This DLC mission starts with Commander Shepard getting a message on his private terminal that informs him about Cerberus' attack on a research facility on Eden Prime. The Systems Alliance had this facility built to study Prothean artifacts found on the planet. Of course just because it's a Systems Alliance facility doesn't mean Cerberus can't come in and do what they do best. Ahem, kill anything and everything that happens to stand against the Illusive Man's cause. Unless you have Commander Shepard that is. The gang is left to…

Not My Spring Break Week

Well I don't start spring break till the week after everyone else returns to their normally scheduled lives. It sucks, royally. It could be worse though. Not sure don't ask. This will be just a simple article as I start getting back into the groove of writing after being slammed with work these past couple of weeks. From my perspective I'm starting the process of moving into management positions within the locations of my local GameStop stores. Which I'm finally starting now what was offered to me before I even started working for GameStop almost eight months ago.
Outside of work I've been attempting to get some gaming under my belt again. Which has been fairly easy with my purchase of Mass Effect 3. The past couple of days have been spent going through Bioware's Galaxy at War multiplayer and being overly impressed with how everything feels. I wasn't sure what to expect before playing (didn't play the demo's multiplayer and only saw a little…

Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition Review

Doubling as a two in one article I will review and un-box the Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition. Mass Effect has become one of my all time favorite franchises in gaming. So being able to pick up the Collector's Edition of the game that finishes the trilogy that started back in 2007 on the Xbox 360 was a great feeling. While the game so far is astounding I must say I'm somewhat disappointed in the contents of the Collector's Edition for ME3.

The tin case that Mass Effect 3 comes in is just like most tins nowadays. It feels durable and has a little bit a weight to it. Nothing really special about the case besides the male and female Commander Shepard's on the front/rear.

Inside the case I found the vouchers for the Online Pass (ugh) and the DLC for buying the Collector's Edition "From Ashes" (which you can purchase for $9.99 separately if you didn't opt for the Collector's Edition. I highly recommend picking up From Ashes)

The hard back book has…

MotorStorm RC Review

Simply put, MotorStorm has become a secondary series for Sony. Falling in between Gran Turismo and Modnation Racers on the ladder. Out of all the intellectual property that Sony owns I believe none have had harder of a time finding its break like MotorStorm has. Ya see Evolution Studios has the unfortunate task of making off-road racing games when 1) you are owned by a company that also owns Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo) and 2) are making racing games at a time where the genre is weaker than role playing games from Japan. So why am I talking about MotorStorm right now? Simple, the fifth installment just released for the PlayStation Vita as a PSN download. Evolution Studios appears to know the situation they are in and have designed RC to be the ultimate portable off-road racing title. Shifting gears away from huge budget racing games in favor of putting things back on track in the portable/downloadable realms.
I played the first MotorStorm for the PlayStation 3 a few years ago an…

Random Notebook 2

Well I have not done much since my Super Stardust Delta review. At least gaming wise that is. Over the now passed weekend I was over at my girlfriend's house in Mississippi. Spent four days with her and it was a wonderful time for me.First time flying as well so that kept me from doing to much gaming on the plane rides to and from there. Looking at the sights below.For the Vita I've played Uncharted: Golden Abyss (need to write a review), Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (need to write a review), and almost every demo available on the PStore right now. Fifa Soccer is the only demo I haven't played.On the 3DS I'm back into playing Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes and I picked up a streetpass from someone in Florida. I went though Texas and Mississippi. Didn't get a single person from those states, but got someone from Florida. So that was weird and cool.PSP front (played on the Vita) I'm playing Crimson Gem Saga and that game is awesome. Atlus makes games that just enjoy bein…