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Just 1 More Advancement

Alright, so you're all joining me as I'm testing out a new mobile app for my phone right now. As in live! (not really, but I can't wait to do stuff live sometime soon). This app is from the Blogger team at Google and allows me to write up articles for Just 1 More Level even when I'm away from my laptop or desktop computer.

So far the tool set is very similar to the kit I have when usually working on my laptop. It is fairly easy to access everything I need to post an article from links to the typical fonts and formats.

Seems pretty cool to me and this will help me post things up to the site as things unfold whether I'm at a store trying out a demo/hardware or over at a friends house and don't have my laptop with me.

And no this is not the last new thing I will be trying out for the site. (referencing the title of the post)