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Super Stardust Delta Review

Super Stardust HD on the PlayStation 3 was addicting to play. Fast, responsive, challenging and overall was enjoyable to play. I loved how everything just melded together to make a grand experience. So when Sony showed off Super Stardust Delta for their new PlayStation Vita last year I was excited. Of course I needed to buy a new system to get the game and that's what I did. Delta is incredibly refined from what was in HD.
Delta's graphics aren't the best of the Vita launch games, but they are still very impressive. While there are better looking games at the launch of the new system I had to remind myself this is a PSN franchise. With that out of the way I noticed that when the action ramps up there wasn't any lagging. I didn't have any issues with slow down and absolutely no pop in occurred while I played. If you haven't picked the game up you are doing a disservice to yourself because the action gets crazy. As several enemy types appear on screen I sometime…

You Were Great PlayStation Portable

The Vita is here, ok not quite here as there is still a few hours left, but I wanted to spend some time recollecting with the system that brought handheld gaming out of the “portable gaming ghetto”. With my top 10 games of the system and some of my greatest memories of this entertaining platform that did so much for my gaming life.
I didn't get the PSP when it first launched. Back when it launched I was a sophomore in high school and didn't have money to buy it and was out of the Christmas and birthday seasons. So I was out of luck when March 2005 rolled around. I just didn't have any means to get the system. I remember X-Play and Attack of the Show (when G4 gave a damn about gaming and not reruns of decades old episodes of COPS) and they were covering everything from the launch. Dissecting the system and the launch title games alongside comparable DS titles. Ridge Racer on PSP vs Ridge Racer DS was an unfair battle on Electric Playground although it was an interesting co…

Just 1 More Advancement

Alright, so you're all joining me as I'm testing out a new mobile app for my phone right now. As in live! (not really, but I can't wait to do stuff live sometime soon). This app is from the Blogger team at Google and allows me to write up articles for Just 1 More Level even when I'm away from my laptop or desktop computer.So far the tool set is very similar to the kit I have when usually working on my laptop. It is fairly easy to access everything I need to post an article from links to the typical fonts and formats.Seems pretty cool to me and this will help me post things up to the site as things unfold whether I'm at a store trying out a demo/hardware or over at a friends house and don't have my laptop with me.And no this is not the last new thing I will be trying out for the site. (referencing the title of the post)

Random Notebook Article Debut

(here is an article about an out of no where thought I had recently. So here is the first ever Random Notebook Article.)

Right now I believe that GameStop's average on Vita pre-orders (not including the First Edition bundle) is 30 pre-orders per store, for 5000 stores. That would put the number at 150k from GameStop alone.
Since I don't work at places like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy or Amazon, I'm not sure what the average per store (or user base) is.
But I would think that Best Buy should be very much on par with (if not a little bit over) what GameStop can do. So let's say Best Buy matches what GameStop does. So that would be 300k between the two massive store chain companies.
Wal-Mart and Target have bigger markets of people that come through. A larger number of people coming through the doors, doesn't mean they would have more pre-orders, but it does mean they will have a greater chance of getting more than BB and GS. I will give Wal-Mart 230k alone plus an additio…

No PS Vita Lull-A-Days

Do you wanna know what sucks when you're the only person writing for a video game blog over the experiences you have when playing games? When there is nothing to write about, because you're in a rut. I'm right in that rut. When things, like life, happen I'm stuck playing no games. I can't very well write about games when there are no gaming experiences to write about. You know what I'm saying?
Right now I'm stuck between not having much interest in my current handheld experiences; I traded in my PSP towards Vita stuff last week and my 3DS just gets used for StreetPass. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light is getting played sporadically, but not to the extent that it was when I first started playing it. My gaming with it has nothing to do with the quality of the game itself just that the PS Vita is looming overhead and that has all my excitement. So trying to play a DS Final Fantasy spin-off game ahead of the PS Vita has made it difficult to say the least.

J1ML Update

Over this past weekend I played Skyrim and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. This was the first time in several weeks where I've been able to just game for an extended period of time. Playing the games that are on my back burner. In a total hours count I believe I put in around sixteen hours over a three day span in Skyrim and added about three more hours into NBA Jam. So overall I spent almost a full twenty-four hour day into gaming over three days...been a very long time since I've been able to do that.

Of course the weekend had to come to end and things are back to a busy schedule again. This will be my final week of seemingly endless work for my extracurricular activities for my school. Things will start to open up a little bit more very soon.

PlayStation Vita Hands-On Impressions

The PlayStation Vita launches in roughly three weeks (two weeks if you got the First Edition pre-ordered) and I got to go hands on with the system at work. I was already interested in the Vita, but being able to go hands on with it made this device even more desirable. In addition to the trailers I've seen and the games that have been announced for it so far have had me sold on the Vita since it was unveiled last year at a special PlayStation event. Before that unveiling I really felt my excitement for new hardware was never going to improve. I didn't want any new game consoles and I thought my DSi XL and PSP were doing just fine with the game libraries they had. The stuff I saw on the 3DS didn't excite me and even after the Vita was unveiled in early 2011 my overall feeling didn't change when Nintendo started talking about the Wii U at E3.
Granted I still bought the 3DS last May in my excitement for the release of Star Fox 64 3D in the following September. So I guess…