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2012's Early Surprise Attacks!

Well, 2012 is just twenty-five days old and I can honestly say I wasn't prepared for the surprises I've already witnessed this year. Leaving 2011 I had a list of topics I had been working on and games I was playing, but wouldn't you know that none of them are the ones I've completed? Nope. In fact the first game I'm going to mention was a complete “on-a-whim impulse buy” while walking through a Vintage Stock store in a neighboring town. That game was Fugitive Hunter (my close friend John's review is here) for the PS2. In addition to finishing up that game. We also completed Blue Toad MURDER Files from Relentless Software on the PlayStation Network. Yep, two games that were not on my radar to write about early in the new year. Of course I didn't foresee my school and student organizations taking up so much of my time when ringing in the new year either.

The only games I've been able to play have been when visiting my friend's house and just playing random games that we pick out of his collection of games. The great news however, is my time is finally slowing down now. Most of the “hard work” with launching new initiatives with my student organizations is mostly taken care of now. While not completely done the policies are now out in the open and multiple people are now involved in the process of getting major issues addressed. Plus I've recently stepped down from the Chief Financial Officer position within my Student Senate as I re-focus my efforts in attaining excellence as President of my business student organization and my academic career. On that note I would like to point out that I've reached two months over the halfway point in accomplishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. When noticing that I wanted to take a few things off my plate and build upon my core progress.

I'm at a great point in my life. I have an amazing girlfriend that I love, my Invictus business group for school has never been stronger and I'm always fighting for the people who do things right and honest. I have never been one to hold back words and have been a strong advocate of standing up for what you believe in and be opinionated. Don't ever let anyone just tell you what you should do. Do research, find your own solutions and never back down. There is a time to compromise and a time to fight, making sure you know when those times are makes all the difference in how effective you can be. Plus with me re-focusing my efforts it gives me more time for the special people in my life.

Back on the gaming side of things however, with the games mentioned above I've also recently bought NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, Dungeon Defenders and I'm prepping for my purchase of various PlayStation Vita products. Outside of the purchases I'm also playing Zack and Wiki for the Nintendo Wii and having a blast with that. Zack and Wiki is a point and click puzzle game that takes place within a 3D world where you move Zack around an environmental puzzle by pointing and clicking. The game's difficulty has been a little sporadic, but more or less building up smoothly.

Other games I'm playing are:

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (DS)
Uncharted 3 (PS3)
NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (PSN)
StarHawk Beta (PSN Beta)

So while I'm still working on the topics I lined out back in December I've added some nice diversity to what I'm doing and they have all been things that can quickly be taken care of.