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Jeff's Top 5 of 2011

2011 came, saw and conquered the gamers wallet. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars were spent on our favorite past time. Every single month seemed to have a blockbuster release and we gamers were salivating over everyone of them. This was truly a great year for us. I've spent the last month trying to figure out which games I feel are the best out of the rest. So here it is, my Top 5 games of 2011 based on personal preference.

Gears of War 3 – Ending a story is never easy, but Epic Games did a wonderful job with Gears of War 3. There were quite a few moments where I was sitting there just shocked when certain things happened. I won't forget the heroic actions of Dom....*tear*

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception – Yes I know what score I gave it and I know what I said about it, but that doesn't take away the fact this was more Uncharted; more Nathan Drake. The multiplayer is amazing. Truly impressive how Naughty Dog improved the game based on the feedback of us gamers.

Mass Effect 2 – …

2012's Early Surprise Attacks!

Well, 2012 is just twenty-five days old and I can honestly say I wasn't prepared for the surprises I've already witnessed this year. Leaving 2011 I had a list of topics I had been working on and games I was playing, but wouldn't you know that none of them are the ones I've completed? Nope. In fact the first game I'm going to mention was a complete “on-a-whim impulse buy” while walking through a Vintage Stock store in a neighboring town. That game was Fugitive Hunter (my close friend John's review is here) for the PS2. In addition to finishing up that game. We also completed Blue Toad MURDER Files from Relentless Software on the PlayStation Network. Yep, two games that were not on my radar to write about early in the new year. Of course I didn't foresee my school and student organizations taking up so much of my time when ringing in the new year either.

The only games I've been able to play have been when visiting my friend's house and just playing r…

Dungeon Defenders Impressions

Dungeon Defenders has intrigued me since it came out on iOS and Android devices close to a year before hitting XBLA and PSN. When it came out I didn't have an either that could play it so I didn't get it back then. Great news came when it finally hit XBLA and PSN (the demo I played and version I bought) back in October of 2011. Trendy Entertainment did a wonderful job on Dungeon Defenders which plays as an action-rpg and a tower defense game all wrapped up in a tiny little downloadable package. I recently played the demo and the first thing that hit me was “what the hell do I do?”. (side note, I skipped any and all tutorials) That quickly changed once I realized the gameplay followed a similar path as Pixel Junk Monsters and I had to protect my Eternia Crystal from the invading forces of evil. After I survived through the first three waves I felt like I had got the gameplay down, but also realized I had screwed myself over in how I was going about my business.
Just like with …

Heavy Rain First Impressions

Well I took a break away from writing and also a break from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. Before anyone gets worried about my time with 4 Heroes, I just wanted to take a break from it. I'm not wanting to wear it out, because I'm still enjoying my time with the game. Now I got Heavy Rain a couple days ago and have been playing with the PlayStation Move motion controller (along with the Navigation controller). I gotta say I'm more impressed with the audio and graphics than I am the gameplay.
You see Quantic Dreams are known for their dramatic based games. If you're not sure who the company is you might know another title they released during the PlayStation 2's generation called Indigo Prophecy for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and the PC. Both titles heavily share the dramatic environmental experience and placing the player into the ultimate decision maker role. Every decision I make for these characters will affect their lives in different ways. Holding L2 allow…

Just 1 More Level's SOPA/PIPA/OPEN Stance

When I launched this site half way through 2011 I wanted to create a vehicle to express mine and my friends opinions on games. First impressions, reviews of games and hardware and discussing the ins and outs of my life are the main topics on display here. What I didn't foresee happening was the chance of losing something I've wanted to do for over five years. Just 1 More Level has been a dream of mine for a very long time and now there is congressional bills being worked on that would take my dream away.
Nothing about this site is illegal. You can turn the site over and see this is just a site focused on the thoughts and opinions of the video game industry by video gamers. However, under all of the bills in the works by the United States Congress my site would be shut down by federal law. What is not illegal now, would become illegal under the new Congressional bills.
This would place me as an opponent of these bills just by default. I'm all for protecting the individual o…

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well this is 2012 and I didn't expect to be this slammed with so many aspects from my life away from Just 1 More Level. I knew I was going to be busy with the student organizations I run, my academics and everything else that I'm part of. In addition to making sure I've got adequate time for my wonderful girlfriend who is putting up with my incredibly scattered self.
Of course with this current whirlwind of lining everything out for the year of 2012 there have been some very difficult moments in scheduling for myself. I'm just being completely honest here in saying that I've got a myriad of things on my plate right now and I'm attempting to trudge through. Now I don't normally apologize for almost anything, but I do feel that, in this instance I need to, because I haven't been able to get a new article up in almost a week. I hope that things will slow down a little bit more in the coming weeks. The unfortunate thing about starting off a year with so m…

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, Impressions

Currently I'm enjoying the gaming experience of Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. A Final Fantasy spin-off game that was published by Square-Enix for the DS on October 5th 2010 and developed by Matrix Software that falls in line with other Square-Enix games on the DS graphically. The difference I'm seeing in this game though (as opposed to the other Final Fantasy titles on the DS) stems from all the characters having a much more mature nature despite the “kiddish” appearance of the characters themselves. Plus each person has real attitude that has been well executed between the four main characters.
I'm about eight hours into the story and roughly seventeen hours overall. I've experienced several rpg cliches on display, but they have been very well executed and broken up by an engaging battle system. Now, before I talk about the greatness of the battle system I want to point out my one and only complaint (so far). I can not pick the enemy to attack. So if there ha…

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012!

As 2011 came to a close I began thinking what I was going to do over the new year. As far a gaming goes I'm looking at a sparingly barren plate of games on the new end. I of course will be getting Mass Effect 3 (PS3), Ruin (Vita), Final Fantasy X HD (PS3/Vita) and The Last of Us (PS3), but beyond (BEYOND!) that there isn't much that excites me.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss fell off my radar when the news hit that it would be $50 for about a 6-8 hour experience. Which is unfortunate, but depending on how quickly it gets a price cut will make my decision on picking the game up this year. Others will likely make their way to my collection, but with that said however, I do not see myself buying as many new games within their first year of availability in 2012 like I did for 2011. Last year was my peak year for buying games within the first month they released.

These were all purchased brand new (special edition releases) within each of their first months. Hell every single one of those g…