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Juggernaut - Mini Review

Here is the North American box art

JUGGERNAUT?! You're probably sitting there at your computer and just puzzled. What is Juggernaut? PS3? Xbox 360? Wii? All those choices would be understandable, but they would all be wrong. There has only been one time I've reviewed a game from before this gen or even the previous generation. That title, was Dragon Force for the Sega Saturn. Now you would be excused for not having any idea about Juggernaut...I played it with John and we don't have a clear grasp on what the hell it is. And we played it for a couple weeks (playing through to certain spots and taking a week break in between sessions).

Juggernaut comes from the land of the original PlayStation. A first-person, adventure, puzzle, horror game from Tonkinhouse and published by Jaleco back in 1999. All time totaled we beat it in roughly 14 hours and every single second was a chore from hell. Let's start from the beginning where the priest has contact the main character and told him that his girlfriend (Serah) has been possessed by the devil himself. He performed an exorcism that was ineffective against the advances of the devils possession. But her life can still be saved by the priest transporting the main character into Serah's body so that you can destroy the evil microcosms that have infested her soul. The main character's powerful emotion of love is the only weapon to fight off the demons that are doing the hard work for the devil. You got that? Good. Don't worry, you will get lost if I went step by step into the depths of this story train wreck.

There were many times I believed I wouldn't make it through the game. I can't speak for John, but this game really tested my will power to keep progressing in the game. Everything we had encountered in the game just didn't not scream “HEY KEEP PLAYING!”. I seriously felt like the game was trying to get us to give up. Could that have been another part of the experience? I'm really not sure at this point. There were multiple moments where we had to switch bodies from spirit, to youth, to adult...over and over and over. Just to go into adult rooms, get what we needed, leave the adult room, put the adult body back in the machine, leave the machine room as a spirit, find a kid body, insert the spirit into it...oh that's right I didn't tell you. UGH! The soul of Serah is a mansion and it's completely empty except for three vacant bodies that you can inhabit as a spirit and use the specific body to enter into certain rooms. Youths can't go through spirit holes or adult doors and so on.

There were just a couple of reasons we kept playing.

  • It's a game that needed some skill in deducing what needed to go with what to move the great mansion puzzle. Which this made it fun working with my friend to figure out what needed to go where.
  • We talked about what would happen in the microcosms.
  • The game spanned three freaking discs, what could be across them all?
  • This game is too fucking surreal to not finish.

All in all I won't take up any more of your time. Stripping this down to it's bare bones I will say I enjoyed it because I played the game alongside my friend. If I had started playing this game alone, I wouldn't get far. My interest was fading quickly until John began talking out loud about some of the puzzles. But the game is slow, looks incredibly ugly and there really isn't anything anyone missed out by not playing or even knowing what was inside the game case. I fought with myself a little, because I want to say “Yes, go play this game. Then you'll see what kind of unreal, psychotic mess this game is”. But I can't recommend this game. Look online for videos. This game does not need to be played.

Here is John's review of Juggernaut.
SCORE: 2.5/10