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From Me, Thank You

I'm posting this as a closure to the year that was 2011. Thank you to all the readers of this site. I'm very proud of the progress of Just 1 More Level and look forward to everything that awaits in 2012. I've got several new articles in the works and can't wait to get your reactions to them. Now I will be the first to admit that I have quite a ways to go in improving my writing skills (eh perfectionist, what can I say). The way I talk about things just doesn't seem to mesh well in the written form. So I'm going to take this opportunity to do just that. Extensive reviews and even the return of one of the earliest segments here should help. Of course most of this won't start rolling out til next year, but that doesn't mean I can't give you a peak into a few topics I'm working on.

2011 Wrap-Up
Star Fox 64 3D Review
Geometry Wars Review
Nintendo 3DS Review
Sony PlayStation Vita Review
3DS vs. Vita The Showdown
New Story Book Saga Series...
New Origi…


Reason Jaffe is So Awesome

David Jaffe has always been a truly outspoken identity in our beloved games industry. He can lay claim to Twisted Metal and that one greek mythology game about murdering the the gods, oh yeah! God of War. Jaffe has been a favorite of mine since God of War. I didn't really know anything about him til then (I wasn't old enough to really know who was behind the Twisted Metal games, I'm just now 23).

Naughty Dogs New Game

The Last of Us. Naughty Dog. This combo could be very interesting and I can already see the gaming world exploding by the fact that Naughty Dog didn't announce Uncharted: Drake's Circuit. I mean they just released Uncharted 3 which would mean they are working on a fourth Uncharted game. Just look at their track record. Crash Bandicoot's fourth game was a kart racer. Jak's fourth game was combat racer. Uncharted is now on it's fourth (Naughty Dog developed) game (Golden Abyss is coming from Sony Bend Studios). I guess Naughty Dog is changing their company up. Hell there might not even be an Uncharted 4....for the PS3.

Anyway, The Last of Us is set after ants carry a virus from South America into the United States. There are still quite a few unanswered questions, but the game was just announced. AND Sony/Naughty Dog kept this project under wraps since 2006. Obviously they used Uncharted as a ploy. That is pretty impressive for the size of the team. I mean they only …

The Bouncer Review

Did you ever have a chance to play The Bouncer? As a game released on the PlayStation 2 for the holidays in Japan in 2000 and hitting our shores on March 5, 2001. Originally set to be a launch title for Sony's new PlayStation 2. It got pushed back to improve the controls of the game. Unfortunately however, it needed even more time. Known for their RPG games such as Final Fantasy Squaresoft opted for something new on Sony's new PlayStation. The Bouncer was showcases a numerous genres here with RPG, Action and Brawler being the most prevalent throughout the experience.
Game play was largely just a two to three minute affair in between five minutes (or longer) in game cut scenes. Seriously, I played a section that consisted of me fighting two enemies; watch a loading screen; then watch a five minute cut scene of pointlessness; rinse and repeat for most of my time “playing”. Whenever I was allowed to run around a level, the camera became a major pain. I don't know why there…

Vita Japan First Exposure

Vita launched in Japan over this past weekend and has made the Japanese gamer base over there erupt in excitement. There have been very many unboxing videos posted on the web and there are a few pictures of the launch lines. Those lucky Japanese. Getting the Vita before anyone else in the world.

For North American gamers, you better pre-order now.
PlayStation Vita StoreFront

Vita Nearing (Update: It's Launched!)

Well in almost 24 hours the PlayStation Vita (UPDATE! It's launched) will launch in Japan to a barrage of big coverage from all over the Internet and even mainstream media will jump on board to cover the next family member of the PlayStation empire. It's hard to believe the time is flying by. It was just this past January that we heard about the system and it's kicking down the doors to one of the major markets tomorrow. I know my list of games I'm interested in and it looks like a few of them will be opening up alongside the Japanese launch of the system. Meaning there will be time for the developers to work out some of the kinks that might appear in those games.

If you want to get in on a very detailed conversation about the upcoming PlayStation Vita then head here:
VGChartz PlayStation Vita Discussion Thread it is a great source of information about all things Vita.

Below is a list of the titles launching with the Vita day one in Japan. A very impressive list to say…

The Last of Us and Mass Effect 3 VGA Trailers

Mass Effect is a beloved franchise of mine and I was actually okay with the delay to next year. The delay gives gamers a larger window to enjoy ME3 without being squeezed into the talk of this years mega ton holiday season. Anywho, the VGA's have come and gone leaving behind a new trailer of upcoming sci-fi epic Mass Effect 3.

Uncharted 3 just came out, but Naughty Dog has been hard at work on another game. ND isn't the biggest studio in the industry and they managed to work on Uncharted on top of The Last of Us (which just got announced and no one knew about it for over five years). Just watch this trailer for ND's next game coming in 2012 for the PS3.

All in all I'm pumped for next year. The Last of Us just hit my anticipated list (as I'm sure it did with everyone who has seen the first trailer) I'm going to continue the trend of being broke on games.

(Videos pulled from youtube)

Final Fantasy Rankings

Final Fantasy is a franchise that has been around for over twenty years and covering multiple platforms. Spanning fourteen mainline Final Fantasy's and an infinite number of spin-offs/side story games. I wanted to make a list to show how I feel about this series as a whole. So here it is, my list of Final Fantasy games. I feel comfortable with every one of my choices.
FINAL FANTASY X - Masterpiece





FINAL FANTASY I – Old School Grind
FINAL FANTASY III – Difficult But Rewarding

FINAL FANTASY II – Different, But Good

FINAL FANTASY V – Okay, Average; Good

Juggernaut - Mini Review

JUGGERNAUT?! You're probably sitting there at your computer and just puzzled. What is Juggernaut? PS3? Xbox 360? Wii? All those choices would be understandable, but they would all be wrong. There has only been one time I've reviewed a game from before this gen or even the previous generation. That title, was Dragon Forcefor the Sega Saturn. Now you would be excused for not having any idea about Juggernaut...I played it with Johnand we don't have a clear grasp on what the hell it is. And we played it for a couple weeks (playing through to certain spots and taking a week break in between sessions).
Juggernaut comes from the land of the original PlayStation. A first-person, adventure, puzzle, horror game from Tonkinhouse and published by Jaleco back in 1999. All time totaled we beat it in roughly 14 hours and every single second was a chore from hell. Let's start from the beginning where the priest has contact the main character and told him that his girlfriend (Serah) has…