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PixelJunk Monsters/Encore Review

PixelJunk has been a stalwart series of games for Sony's PlayStation Network. Always full of innovation and fresh ideas, PixelJunk has carved a name for itself as a unique powerhouse on the PSN. Monsters was released back in 2008 (for North America) and was developed by Q-Games. Rooted with the primary focus of tower defense Q-Games also threw in a great mix of strategy and rpg elements. I will tell you right now, Monsters is fun and easy to get into, but difficult to master. You shouldn't be surprised to find yourself playing a stage 5 or more times later in the solo game. As you will struggle quite a bit to finish and meet your next stress-filled stage.

The very first stage is treated as a type of "tutorial" level. Although there isn't much in the way of the game teaching you how you should do things. Which is part of the long lasting appeal of PixelJunk Monsters. It lets you play and figure it out on your own; something that is rare to see in modern gaming. O…

Simply Vita

February 22nd, 2012 is a date that PlayStation enthusiasts now know to be Vita day in North America and Europe. The beast that is the PSP's successor launches that day and handheld gaming changes forever. It might seem like I'm crushing all over this new piece of hardware and that is simply countered with an, I am. Simply put Sony's new handheld has me overly excited. Something that hasn't happened since the PS3 was first unveiled six years ago. Although I was greatly disappointed in the first couple years with PlayStation 3. I don't believe my excitement for Vita will follow that same route.

The Life Update! Edition 1

Welcome to the new article that will become a regular segment here. As you all well  know...probably....I've become a very busy person. Granted it is through my own ambition, but busy none the less.

Anywho, things ARE settling down much more now than in the previous couple months and honestly, I've gone a little crazy. What with not having to run around all the time trying to meet deadline after deadline after deadline. It really got exhausting making sure everything was done. So with this free time you are probably thinking I'm getting more time in to game and you would be somewhat right. I have been playing more games, but not completing them. Gears of War 3 is the only game I had been able to set my sights on. Of course I had the added motivator of playing alongside a good friend of mine through the amazing co op campaign (shocking to see some of those things happen. All the explosions and death and whatnot) and outside of that one game, well I have been sporadically pl…

Gears of War 3 Review

I felt like typing up a review over Gears of War 3. Wanting to express my thoughts and opinions in a clear and concise manner. Now I'm still working on my own review, but my close friend (who I did the co op campaign with) typed up a killer review. Most of what he said in his review mirrors, greatly, what I too feel. Of course there are things I mentioned to him about what to add to his review, but overall I was blown away. Hands down this was his best review to date and his writing continues to inspire me to do better.

After reading what he said and experiencing it right beside him, I tried to think of what other angle I could take with it. We played the same game, discussed the acts and chapters openly after we were done and he covers all the really important parts. So what I'm going to do is direct you all to his review. I know it is a weird move, but you have to read it.

Here it is, my friend John's review of Gears of War 3.

Again I was truly impressed by his work.

Being Overclocked on Shin Megami and Needing Therapy Because of Dark Souls

Ill admit... I have never played a Shin Megami game until now. I borrowed Persona 3 from a friend but I havent played it yet because I bought SMTDSO for the 3DS. Oh... I got a 3DS by the way!=DYou can thank all the info about Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance that came out of the Tokyo Game Show for that. Anyway onto Shin Megami.
The story of the game is you and your two friends are trying to escape or survive the Yamanote circle for seven days. Once the end of the 7th day hits different events will happen depending upon what characters path you take. The story advances by going to battles or talking to characters in half hour intervals in the game. The time in the game is a big crucial factor because during certain days a character will die at a certain time so if you dont save that character by the time the clock goes past their time of death the character dies. You really dont want charcters to die mainly because there are multiple endings to the game and different achievements…

Currently Playing (And have been)

So for the past couple months I have been bouncing from game to game but here is what I am currently playing.
PS3: Dark Souls, White Knight Chronicles II
3DS: Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked(current)
I have been playing the tar out of SMTDSO because its so good! I played WKII for about an hour so I could get my character made and Dark Souls... *shivers*... read about it in the post... *goes and cries in corner*


Hello everyone! It has been a LOOOOONG time since my last post and for that I am sorry. I have been very busy and things slipped from my mind. Anyway, I have been very busy since my last post and have played quite a few games since then so here is the first post that should have been written back in June when the game from the amazing developer Atlus was released, Catherine.
From the marketing of Catherine, most people saw it as an adult game but, my friends, I tell you this is not the case. Actually the stuff that is shown in the trailers concerning sexual things is as far as they go. The game is so much more than a pretty girl and some sexual content. Here's a quick rundown:
Vincent, the main character, has been together with his girlfriend Katherine for longer than he can remember. Its been years. Katherine wants to settle down and get married but Vincent isnt so sure about wanting to change things. He likes everything the way it is. Later that nite as Vincent is at his favorite …

Notice A Change?

Have you noticed anything different around here? No? Well, you must be new. If that's the case then step to the side. This article is for the ones who have been reading the blog before the changes. (don't worry I will get back to you newcomers with some great information). Blogger (the hosting site for this blog) has introduced some new features in a phased roll out method. It began with an expanded dashboard that produced a clearer view the "behind the scenes" tools that run the site. Recently however, those new features have invaded the formatting of the blogs hosted under Blogger with Dynamic views.

Dynamic views have allowed me to design and customize a futuristic new layout for everything that goes on this blog. Over the next couple of weeks I might try out some new ways of blog layout and I hope you all enjoy the experiment.

For all the newcomers to Just One More Level here are some great ways to contact me

PSN: Tridrakious
Xbox Live: Tridrakious
Wii: 2113 4357…

What I'm Playing, October 7th 2011

Okay so things have been going very well for me over the last week and a half. Finished with getting my car back out on the road. I'm so happy to finally be driving it around again for the first time in over two freakishly long years. Seemed like it was never going to happen, but alas it finally did. With that now out of the way, here is what I'm playing.

Xbox 360: Gears of War 3, my friend and I got through Act 3 in the campaign and boy did it have a tremendous shocker that neither one of us saw coming. It's incredibly sad what happened, but it was executed very well. Kudos to Epic on how they handled that act. Overall it was short and seemed fairly achievement happy, but it also held a nice pace through most of the act. Came across a Lambent Berserker that even the Hammer of Dawn couldn't kill. So that fight was intense. I don't know how many times we died; might have only been a couple.

PSP: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5, yes it's Yu-Gi-Oh. Deal with it. Th…

Gears of War 3, Horde Mode

For gamers in the know Horde mode is essentially survival is survival mode. Hmmm. Anyway, I've been playing alot of Horde mode with a friend of mine and we've reached level 29 (we've only played sporadically over roughly a week in a half, about an hour each day for 3 days) and have had a blast. In order to advance you really need to strategies or you will get burned. Horde mode (in the later stages) greatly prevent you from being able to "run and gun" (which Gears has never really been that style of shooter, but I think you have the idea).

Once you reach a tenth (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50) level in Horde you fight the stage's boss battle. Of course you don't only fight a boss (think Corpser, Brumack, Berserker, etc.) you will also have to deal with Boomers, Grenadier Elites, Grinders, Drones and more. Surprisingly the Brumak battles seem to be the easiest of the battles. Mainly because they are so big and slow it allows you to move around the…