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Here's, What I'm Playing, Gears of War 3

To fill the void of Currently Playing (insert week corresponding to the post) comes "What I'm Playing". This will be a much more responsive article to better portray what I'm actually playing. The previous segment highlighted the games I was wanting to play for the week, but some I never actually got around to playing. This article will also have some background on the games themselves. Somewhat like "on the spot" first impressions. So here is what I'm playing.

Xbox 360: Gears of War 3, starting playing the conclusion of the Gears trilogy with my good friend John through the co-op campaign. So far the game has been pretty amazing. Graphically there are some rough spots, but overall I believe it sets a new graphic bar for the 360. Game play has been incredibly fun and they have incorporated new weapons into the mix. Such as a giant cleaver and the retro lancer. The characters at times seem to still suffer from being too sluggish, but that isn't notice…

J1ML 1000 Views!

Well the title says it YAY!!!! I really want to thank the masses who have brought their wonderful attention to this site and look forward for the next milestone.

Jikandia: The TimeLess Land Demo Impressions

Developed by Opus Studios/Idea Factory and published by Aksys Games here in America this is an action-role playing game set in the fantasy dimension of Jikandia. Nine friends find themselves in this world. There isn't much of a story told in the demo as it focuses on the game play. Unfortunately the game play is dull and boring. You control three characters directly in a 2D side scrolling action-rpg format. Enemies appear on screen and you can engage in combat just by pushing one of the face buttons on the PSP (Triangle, Circle, Square and Cross). Triangle and Square correspond to the the other character's weapons, circle is for jumping and X has the main character use his (or her) weapon in combination with the other party members. Every level has a time limit. Treasure chests have a certain amount of time to be useful and even some enemies will give you special items if you beat them in under the time limit.

There isn't much to the combat besides just mashing buttons. O…

Currently Playing September 18th, 2011

Well I still had a busy week last week, but managed to get quite a few games in. This week will remain largely unchanged from the previous week.

Wii: Baten Kaitos, Defend Your Castle
3DS: Star Fox 64 3D
Xbox 360: Rock Band 3 (in fact played an hour or so today already)

The only change that would make a difference would be Gears of War 3. Of course I'm going to play the campaign co-op with my friend John sometime in the future.

Final Fantasy X HD!

Square-Enix announced yesterday that Final Fantasy X will be given the HD Classics line treatment! FFX HD will hit both the PS3 and the Vita. For me personally, I'm going to buy both. I cannot wait for my favorite game of all time to be remastered in High Definition!

Square you have won quite a few points with me and not just because you put X before VII! HA!

Currently Playing The Update!

Well this was something I didn't foresee happening. time....* gasping for air* there is two games added to the list.

Wii: Batan Kaitos and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King.

I'm also thinking about popping in Animal Crossing: City Folk (So you might see the first ever series here at Just One More Level return)

Currently Playing September 11th, 2011

This is a unique Currently Playing. Main reason being that the week is in name of horrific events that happened over ten years ago. Also because the post is being published the 2 days after it was normally suppose to go up. Which the reason this post is late ties directly to my campus' 9/11 remembrance that was taking place Monday. Plus all the transforming of the campus for the event the previous week. Anywho, here is what is currently being played.

PS3: inFAMOUS 2 (although it appears to be headed to the back burner)
PSP: Breath of Fire IV (PSOne Classic)
3DS: Star Fox 64 3D (Yes an actual 3DS game is being added to the list and it's Star Fox!)

inFAMOUS 2 First Impressions

Okay, so you all know that I finished inFamous recently (if not read this). By beating that game I now have a slot open for a new game. That game is inFAMOUS 2. So yeah, not quite a brand new game, but it isn't inFamous. It's the game that came after it. Anyway I've currently invested over 8 hours into the game and I have to say that it improves on almost everything from the original.
A problem I've run into is that I only switch between two abilities. The blast and bolt attacks. Even though all the other buttons add something to the game play menu. I just never use anything else, because things like the Kinetic abilities take to long to execute. Normally I would work around that by building distance between myself and the enemy. The problem presented here is the fact that enemies are very aggressive. They will always be on you, which I love that the game makes the fights intense, but there is to much involved in lifting something up and launching it at an enemy. Even i…

Currently Playing Week of September 5th, 2011

Well I posted my review of infamous last week. So that means...

Wii: Baten Kaitos

So last week was a very difficult week for me. Lots of downs which completely fought to outweigh the good things that happened. My girlfriend and best friend helped me through with help from a growing friend of mine Justin.