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inFAMOUS Review

Playing as Cole McGrath in inFAMOUS became one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in video games in a very long time. It didn’t necessarily start out that way because the graphics are horrendous to say the least. While graphics never break a game for me they are part of the first impression we all get when the game starts playing. Of course once I got past how bad the characters looked and how the world was filled with invisible walls/areas of black holes. I started to really enjoy the game. Everything was very fluid and began to really show off how unbelievably fun the gameplay was and inFamous does not disappoint. Jumping around, firing lightning at your foes, grinding the rails of the train tracks/power lines throughout the city, sniping enemies with condensed lightning, calling up massive thunderstorms. You really feel like you’re in the shoes of an actual superhero (or villain). And to top it all off you have the story that is ever evolving based on your good or evil …

Currently Playing Week of August 28th, 2011

With inFamous finally finished this past week. I've now got some open space for other games waiting in line. Plus the games that were being played alongside it. Hmm, I think I will just solely focus on Baten Kaitos to get it done. Not hundred percent sure whether or not I will review it, but I will still being writing down notes. To add to that I did just get Breath of Fire IV as well and I'm greatly enjoying that. Anywho, I know what I'm currently playing this week.

OOOOOOO, that's a nice lead in sentence!

Wii: Baten Kaitos
PSP: Breath of Fire IV

Life (it's a tough game)

3DS Beginning to Heat Up?

Okay, I will always admit that I'm not a fan of Nintendo. Of course I won't spend this article going into to much detail as to why, but I will say that the list is fairly long. There is however some things the company has done to improve my thoughts on them. One of those being Star Fox: Assault on the GameCube. While it is regarded (by reviewers/game media alike) as the worst Star Fox game, something I don't have any idea how they could think that, but I love it. This single game began a transition for me back to Nintendo. To say the least Star Fox is my favorite series Nintendo has made and I'm greatly anticipating the release of Star Fox 64 3D.

I never owned the N64 and I never played the original release. So for me this will be the first time I play this part of the story/timeline. And with everyone I know talking very highly of SF64 it makes me even more excited for the September 9th release. On top of the fact it will be my first actual 3DS title I pick up. So ev…

Currently Playing Week of August 21st 2011

Hey, last week was a busy week for me. Yeah, yeah I say that all the time, but that's how it is right now. Just ask anyone of my friends. Anywho here is this week's Currently Playing.

PS3: inFAMOUS and Dragon Age II
PSP: Breath of Fire III or IV (not sure which will come first. I love III, but never played IV)
Wii: Baten Kaitos
Android: Words with Friends (I'm playing this game again, so if you want to play against me my name is Tridrakious)


So there you have it. Another addition to Currently Playing. Might just rename this blog "Currently Playing"....ha.....ha...nah! From the looks of it this week might see an early impressions for Breath of Fire IV, an update on Baten Kaitos and maybe a surprise....or two. HMMMMMMM what could they be?

What is the Mini-Review

Well the debut went off (mostly) without a hitch this past week, with the review of Dragon Force for the Sega Saturn. Now you might be asking yourself what is the difference between a Review and a Mini-Reviews. Well if you only look at the names of them that gives away one part of the difference. Yes, the Mini-Review is designed to be shorter (therefore much more focused) than a review. 
Of course that is not the only thing different, nor is it the main reason the Mini-Review is here now. You see I attempted to write a full scale review for Dragon Force, but I ran into a couple problems. First I had my notes from when I was playing the game and really felt like I could have an easy time writing up a review. I mean why wouldn't I? I loved the game from start to finish. Did the actual review care? No it didn't. In fact I finished the game about a month and a half before the Mini-Review came out. Why? Oh, it had a lot to do with the game being so massive and me not taking as thoug…

Currently Playing, Week of August 14th 2011

Well I've been very busy over the last week with school and work. In crunch time with my business group's 9/11 memorial event that will take place on September 12th of this year. Stressful stuff indeed, but I did manage to get some gaming in though. By now you sure know what this articles is is the longest running segment of this young site.

Dragon Force (Mini Review debut)

A couple months back I started playing Dragon Force on my recently purchased Sega Saturn and thought it would be a great review piece for me. Unfortunately I came across a couple problems when trying to type up a review for it. In short the Mini Review has been born. I will type up a separate article that explains the purpose for the Mini Review, but until then here is the first ever Just One More Level Mini Review.