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Currently Playing Week of July 31st, 2011

Well this is going to shock you, but (are you sitting down? Good) I'm actually playing a game on an actual game platform. I know that not TOO shocking...that is till you find out that I'm playing the Wii....technically....

Wii: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

Yes, Baten Kaitos IS a game that happens to be of Gamecube origin....but I'm playing it on the Wii. So...that counts. Anyway, I'm loving the game so far. Incredibly excited to see how the game continues to progress and what all happens between Kalas and Xelha.

The last time I contacted Justin he was playing Catherine.

Post in the comments the games you are currently playing.

Game Dev Story Review

I figured I could do a quick review of Game Dev Story. The whole premise of this game is to run your own video game company. It’s done in a simulation style of game play which works very well with this game. When you start out you've got three employees (two developers and your secretary) with room to hire two more people, so make sure you hire for positions you need. Starting out I didn’t have a talented team and still didn’t even after my tenth project had been completed. Of course it was also my first time playing so there was a learning curve that I had to go through in order to get better at the game. It can get a little stressful worrying about handling resources of the company and the day to day operations.  Advertising, salaries, hiring new (and better) workers, paying for the additional work an employee wants to do for your project (watch out for when they fail), buying items from the salesman who stops by once a year and so much more.

My Portable PlayStation Network ID

I really need to get a Platinum trophy.

My Most Anticipated Games

This isn't exactly in the order of my most wanted (Uncharted would be at the top), but these 4 games are what I'm dying to get throughout the rest of this year (and for Mass Effect 3) next year.

Currently Playing Week of July 24th, 2011

OK, I'm here again letting you know what I'm playing. Which as last week showed my lust of gaming had trickled to nothingness. Being a gamer of course this is mostly referred to as a "depression or rut resulting in having no drive or motivation to play games", but I was playing Game Dev Story over the last week. Whether other gamers consider that a "game" doesn't matter to me, because it has game in the name, DUH, so it must be a "real" game. Anyhow, I've been playing a "real" game on PS3 this past week so maybe I'm over that short term rut.

PS3: Dragon Age II (yes, I'm giving it another shot)

For Game Dev Story I mostly done with it. After completing your first 20 years and the competition dies (no new consoles from any of the major companies) you have to create your own goal posts. Of course I made my companies first portable and it was cool developing for it, but I will have a more in depth review going up soon.

Now to…

Just One More Level Make Over

For those that frequent this site every day should notice some changes have been made to the site. A new column has been added to the left side. While the articles will placed in between the side columns. By using the real estate on the left side I can bring more things to your attention without you have to do too much hunting for what you want to read. One other "major" change is to the "My Favorite Blogs" being brought up into the limelight. Some of the other changes revolve around column sizes, fonts, coloring, etc. Plus further changes to make everything meld together better.
More changes are going to be happening throughout the week as I figure out how to make certain things work and based on feedback I get from you. So email me or post in the comments below. I'm looking for suggestions and your thoughts on how things are so far.

Currently Playing Week of July 17th 2011

There has been a lot going on in the past week. Haven't been able to really sit down and play any games on a "dedicated" platform, but with that said there is a game that has consumed my time. That game is Game Dev Story. I'm absolutely addicted to it. A simulation game that was built around running your own video game company. Making games, tools, handling translations, ports, sequels and even your own portable/home console.

I would say that I have other games in the pipeline, but honestly...I don't. All my systems are just sitting around doing nothing right now. Outside of GDS I'm working and going to school.

Uncharted 3 Beta Impressions

For about two weeks I've been playing the Uncharted 3 Beta that is available on the PlayStation Store and I must say that I'm having a blast playing it. Everything I love about the multi player of Uncharted 2 is still there in UC3, but obviously it's the new stuff that is on display in the beta for Uncharted 3 that makes the existing formula better.

There were a couple of ways to get into the beta. Either purchase inFAMOUS 2 or have PlayStation Plus. Even if you didn't have PlayStation Plus, you should have picked it up off of the PlayStation Store when Sony introduced the Welcome Back program. You would have received 30 days of Plus for free and you would have been able to download and play the Uncharted 3 beta.

Continue after the break for more of my thoughts on the Beta and also share your opinions in the comments below the article.

Happy Birthday America!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July and hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) holiday.
The posts should ramp back up this week as well. Going to skip a week on the Currently playing segment since there is slot of re-organizing going on and I'm trying to finish Vanquish.