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What's Next?

Dragon Force has taken alot of time to finish and tied with recent school/work/student organization scheduling has prevented me from being on the site. So you want to hear some good news? (At least for the site that is) I've completed DF and now I'm back in the swing of article creation.

With that said I'm now returning to the realm of current systems. Bringing games like inFAMOUS and a new game to the fold called Vanquish for the PS3. The demo I played last year was amazing and I would have bought it sooner, but $60 for a [supposedly] 6 hour game? Not going to happen....sorry Sega/Platinum Games. Once inFAMOUS is done I will jump right into my backlog built up of current games like inFAMOUS 2 and KillZone 3.

Anyway, that is just a small update on my current goings on.