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What's Next?

Dragon Force has taken alot of time to finish and tied with recent school/work/student organization scheduling has prevented me from being on the site. So you want to hear some good news? (At least for the site that is) I've completed DF and now I'm back in the swing of article creation.

With that said I'm now returning to the realm of current systems. Bringing games like inFAMOUS and a new game to the fold called Vanquish for the PS3. The demo I played last year was amazing and I would have bought it sooner, but $60 for a [supposedly] 6 hour game? Not going to happen....sorry Sega/Platinum Games. Once inFAMOUS is done I will jump right into my backlog built up of current games like inFAMOUS 2 and KillZone 3.

Anyway, that is just a small update on my current goings on.

Oklahoma Video Game Expo 2011

On July 18th 2011 the Oklahoma Video Game Expo opened it's doors for it's annual event. In fact this was the 8th event so if you've been a gamer in Oklahoma and haven't been to this convention SHAME ON YOU! This is a place of heaven for gamers. It's not like these things happen all the time in Oklahoma, that I know of at least, so we need to support these things when they happen. My biggest reason for wanting to go was to find Sega Saturn games. Ever since buying the Saturn I've been excited to play the gems on it, but buying online is always a worrisome thing for me, because I'm OCD and can't actually examine the game disc/cart, the case, the manual, etc.

Currently Playing Week of June 12th 2011

Okay, I missed the previous update and the site has had nothing added since the last Currently Playing post. Gambit and myself have been slammed. So let's get to it.


Saturn: Dragon Force. Yep still playing, but I can sense that the game is coming to an end. Currently I'm preparing a review for the game


PSP: Star Ocean: First Departure


Xbox 360: Child of Eden

Enslaved By Child of Eden

Hey all! Justin back again with another update. A lot has happened since my last post. I have played through Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, E3 has come and gone, and I have picked up two new games, inFamous 2 and Child of Eden, which I technically havent bought Child of Eden I'm just borrowing it. But here goes.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is one of the greatest story centered games I have played this generation that also has a great combat system to it. It does take some getting used to because you cant just go all out like in Dynasty Warriors. You have to be both offensive and defensive and aware of the enemies surrounding you as well. The story is set in an apocalyptic future with mankind on the brink of destruction by a society of robots controlled by Pyramid. You play as Monkey and have to escort a girl, Trip, back to her home. Many may think that its a gigantic escort quest but I hardly had to keep track of Trip when I was playing. The story is based off of the tale of the…

Currently Playing Week of June 5th, 2011

Okay, last week was light on posts, but Gambit and myself have been completely slammed with other things. Gambit did inform me earlier today of his list, so there will be a two-fer this time.